Partners Extend the Benefits of Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software

first_imgnRainStor Takes Complexity, Cost out of Big Data QueryingnI estimate that up to 90 percent of organizations that have deployed Hadoop clusters today are just using them as an ETL offload. In other words, they are using Hadoop to store big content, but haven’t gotten around to taking advantage of Hadoop’s benefits as an engine for big data analysis. That’s where RainStor comes in. RainStor helps organizations achieve business insights at lower costs than other data stores, and uses familiar query and BI tools to reduce the complexity of big data analytics.n nRainstor also offers data compression and de-duplication capabilities that can lower the storage footprint by as much as 20 to 40 times. These compression features not only reduce the hardware needs and costs of big data, they also speed up querying. Rainstor is a great example of how partners are building out the Intel Hadoop ecosystem with innovative technologies.  Learn more about Rainstor for Hadoop, and follow Tim and the growing #Intel #BigData Hadoop community at @TimIntel.nnn nHowever, the compute intensive processes of Hadoop require a combination of hardware and software optimizations and specialized analytics and visualization tools to deliver the insights, scale and ROI demanded of big data. In addition to server architectures and IDH, Intel provides a number of tools to help manage Hadoop, including Intel® Graphbuilder, which enables distributed graph analytics on top of Hadoop. However, Intel turns to its partners to help create a larger vendor ecosystem of optimized and co-engineered solutions and to build a more complete IDH computing environment.n nIDH helps organizations store and analyze big data by providing an open source data management platform with the hardware-level security, manageability and performance acceleration features of Intel® Xeon® processors. It also comes with technical support, training, and professional services from Intel. IDH is the distribution of choice for enterprises seeking to deploy open source Hadoop for processing big data at multi-petabyte scale.n nBut most IT admins don’t want to become query specialists or data scientists just to analyze their big data. Using RainStor, they can run real SQL queries on Hadoop stores, taking much of the complexity out of big data analysis. Rainstor is standards-based, and it uses specialized JDBC and ODBC drivers to peer into persistent Hadoop data. It can then run queries through the data using the familiar SQL environment—and DBAs don’t have to be stuck with HiveQL. To some that could be like telling a C++ developer that JavaScript coding requires no further training.ncenter_img nRainstor for Hadoop* is a big data infrastructure that runs natively on the Intel Distribution for Hadoop. It’s made to not just handle the velocity and growth of today’s data, but also tackle the changing nature of data itself—log files, web clickstreams, Twitter content, machine generated data, and more, all in great volume.n There’s more to the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software (IDH) than meets the eye.n nIntel is building an entire partner ecosystem around IDH that extends optimized hardware, data storage and analytics support to help ensure that IT orgs get the value and intelligence they need out of big data.nlast_img read more

Boxers set their sights on London Olympic berths

first_imgShe is standing on the podium with a medal dangling around her neck and she punches the air. That’s how boxer Laishram Sarita Devi visualises her Olympic dream.”Since Vijender (Kumar) has done that after winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I too can do it,” says the 60kg category boxer.But since a dream can’t be fulfilled without attempting to pursue it, Sarita has her eyes set on an Olympic berth when she launches her campaign on Wednesday at the lone Olympic qualifying event, the World Boxing Championships in Qinhuangdao, China.”From the time I got to know that women’s boxing will be a part of the Olympic, I have a dream to stand on the podium with a medal hanging around my neck. I know it’s not easy, but I’ll fight with all my might to achieve that goal,” the two-time former world champion said. “World Championships are the only step to book a berth for the Olympics, and I am confident to achieve that mark in China.”Sarita’s journey to London wouldn’t be easy as she may face three-time world champion Katie Taylor of Ireland at the World Championships. “The competition will be the toughest ever, especially as the competition is in the Olympic year. China, Thailand, Ireland and Kazakhstan are the strong contenders. But after winning the Asian title, I am confident of making it to the Olympics,” she said.At the World Championships, the Indian boxers will be competing in 10 weight categories, including the three Olympic categories – 51kg, 60kg and 75kg. A maximum of three Asian boxers can qualify in the 51kg and 60kg while there is two places are up for grabs in the 75kg.advertisementBesides, legendary five-time world champion MC Mary Kom (51kg), and Pooja Rani (75kg), are the other two Indians who will be vying for the Olympic berths.Mary is content with what she has achieved in career, but she is a firm believer that her life will come full circle if she wins an Olympic gold.”My five gold medals in the World Championships are a treasure which no one can rob of me. But an Olympic medal has its unique value in a game like boxing and in a country like India,” said Mary, who switched to 51kg category slightly before the 2010 Asian Games. “I am keen to win the Olympic title. But let me take one step at a time and focus on the target to qualify for the Games.”The Team- Pinky Jangra (48kg), MC Mary Kom (51kg), Sonia Lather (54kg), K Mandikini Chanu (57kg), L Sarita Devi (60kg), Meena Rani (64kg), Neetu Chahal (69kg), RL Jenny (81kg), Kavita Chahal (+ 81kg)last_img read more

IPL 7, CSK vs KXIP: Chennai vs Punjab, Qualifier 2

first_imgChennai won the toss and elected to field against PunjabWelcome to the coverage of the Indian Premier League 2014, Qualifier 2 between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab from the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.Full IPL Coverage Kings XI Punjab defeated Chennai Super Kings by 24 runs at the Wankhede stadium to seal the finals berth against Kolkata Knight Riders. Hoho! Hang on for Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s post-match quotes. I have never seen him so angry before. Some scathing criticism. We will have the interview as soon as he stops talking. Coming back to tonight’s game, it was Sehwag’s night. And Punjab’s night. They have reached their first final after 6 years. They deserve it too. They have been the form team during the league stages and though they had an off-day against Kolkata in the first qualifier, they weren’t going to spurn a gift horse in the mouth the 2nd time. They say run-outs change matches. And boy didn’t Raina’s run-out prove to be the turning point of the game! Bailey – the Punjab skipper with a turn and throw, all in one motion. That changed the match and the middle-order just couldn’t cope up with the asking rate. Imagine a team scoring 100 runs in the first powerplay of six overs and still not able to chase the remaining runs. That’s what happened after Suresh Raina produced arguably the innings of the day, even at times surpassing Sehwag with strokeplay of the highest order.The Punjab dug-out is ECSTATIC while Preity Zinta STORMS OUT in the middle and HUGS coach Sanjay Bangar who has played a CRUCIAL ROLE in guiding Kings XI to their MAIDEN IPL FINAL.advertisementThat’s an EMPHATIC WIN for Punjab!!19.6 overs: SIX!! MS Dhoni stands tall and smashes it over long-on for the maximum.19.5 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni takes it on the full and slaps it over midwicket for a boundary.19.3 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni reaches out and gets an outside edge towards third man for a boundary. Parvinder Awana will bowl the FINAL OVER for Punjab!! With MS Dhoni(28) and Mohit Sharma(0) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 187/7 after 19 overs.FOURTEEN RUNS off the over!!18.4 overs: SIX!! MS Dhoni shimmies down the track and sends it deep into the stands over long-off for the maximum. It’s a TAD TOO LATE for Chennai now!!18.3 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni stands tall and smashes it towards long-on for a boundary. With MS Dhoni(15) and Mohit Sharma(0) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 167/7 after 17 overs.THREE RUNS off the over!!Mohit Sharma comes to the crease for Chennai.16.5 overs: That’s OUT!! Akshar Patel has got Ravichandran Ashwin out stumped by the wicket-keeper. Ashwin skips down the track looking for the big shot but misses it as Wriddhiman Saha whips the bails off in a flash to catch him short at the crease. Ravichandran Ashwin departs after scoring 10 runs off 11 balls. Another WICKET FALLS DOWN for Chennai!! With MS Dhoni(13) and Ravichandran Ashwin(9) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 164/6 after 16 overs.NINE RUNS off the over!! 15.2 overs: SIX!! MS Dhoni hangs back and slaps it over mid-off for the maximum. Rafael Nadal will be PROUD off that forehand!!With MS Dhoni(5) and Ravichandran Ashwin(8) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 155/6 after 15 overs.SEVEN RUNS off the over!!Karanveer Singh comes back into the attack for Kings XI Punjab. With MS Dhoni(1) and Ravichandran Ashwin(1) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 143/6 after 13 overs.THREE RUNS off the over!!Ravichandran Ashwin comes to the crease for Chennai.12.5 overs: OUT!! Parvinder Awana has got David Hussey out caught at midwicket. Hussey goes for the pull and sends it straight into the hands of Virender Sehwag who takes it comfortably. David Hussey departs after scoring just one run off three balls. Chennai IN TATTERS now!! MS Dhoni comes to the crease for Chennai.12.1 overs: That’s OUT!! Parvinder Awana has got Ravindra Jadeja out caught at third man. Jadeja was looking to hammer it straight down the ground but gets a top-edge that went straight towards Mitchell Johnson for a simple catch. Ravindra Jadeja departs after scoring 27 runs off 21 balls with two boundaries and a six. Chennai in a SPOT OF BOTHER now!! With Brendon McCullum(8) and Ravindra Jadeja(24) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 134/3 after 11 overs.TWELVE RUNS off the over!!10.4 overs: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja dances down the track and smashes it towards long-on for a boundary. 10.1 overs: SIX!! Ravindra Jadeja takes it on the full and smashes it straight down the ground for the maximum. Chennai WILL NEED MORE of those!! advertisementWith Brendon McCullum(7) and Ravindra Jadeja(13) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 122/3 after 10 overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!! Akshar Patel comes into the attack for Punjab. With Brendon McCullum(6) and Ravindra Jadeja(11) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 117/3 after nine overs.TEN RUNS off the over!!8.2 overs: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja waits for it and clips it towards fine leg for a boundary. With Brendon McCullum(2) and Ravindra Jadeja(5) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 107/3 after eight overs.THREE RUNS off the over!!Ravindra Jadeja comes to the crease for Chennai.Suresh Raina is ABSOLUTELY GUTTED wth himself while Brendon McCullum SHAKES HIS HEAD in distraught!!6.1 overs: That’s OUT!! Suresh Raina has been run-out by Geroge Bailey’s direct hit. Brendon McCullum pushes it towards covers and calls for a single while Raina responds back with a little resistance only to go through with the single….meanwhile Bailey covers ground and fires in a direct hit to catch Raina short at the crease. Suresh Raina departs after scoring 87 runs off 25 balls with 12 boundaries and six sixes. BIG WICKET for Punjab!!First sign of spin, Karanveer Singh comes into the attack for Kings XI Punjab. With Brendon McCullum(0) and Suresh Raina(87) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 100/2 after six overs.THIRTY THREE RUNS off the over!!5.6 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina goes deep in the crease and heaves it through square leg for a boundary.5.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina stands tall and slams it back past the bowler for another boundary. Raina is ON SONG!!Wankede has been SET ABLAZE by Suresh Raina here!!5.4 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina picks the length early and slogs it through midwicket for a boundary.5.3 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina leans forward and flicks it towards deep square leg for a boundary.5.2 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina stands tall and sends it deep into the stands over long-on for another maximum. It’s the SIXTH SIX for Raina already!!5.1 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina waits for it and smacks it over long-on for the maximum. That WASN’T EVEN TIMED WELL by Raina!!With Brendon McCullum(0) and Suresh Raina(55) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 67/2 after five overs.Brendon McCullum comes to the crease for Chennai!!4.6 overs: OUT!! Sandeep Sharma has bowled Dwayne Smith on a pitched up delivery. Smith was looking to play down the wrong line but misses as the ball rattles the stumps. Dwayne Smith departs after scoring seven runs off 11 balls. BIG BLOW for Chennai!!Suresh Raina has registered 2ND FASTEST FIFTY in the IPL!!4.2 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina makes room and hammers it over extra cover for the maximum. That’s 16-BALL FIFTY for Raina!! With Dwayne Smith(7) and Suresh Raina(47) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 56/1 after four overs.TWENTY RUNS off the over!!3.6 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina goes on the backfoot and smokes it over deep square leg for another maximum. Raina is RUNNING AMOK here!!advertisement3.4 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina picks the length early and smashes it over the cow corner for the maximum. That CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!!3.3 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina hangs back and slaps it towards deep midwicket for a boundary. SHORT STUFF isn’t working against Raina here!! With Dwayne Smith(4) and Suresh Raina(31) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 36/1 after three overs.NINE RUNS off the over!!2.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina shimmies down the wicket and smokes it over extra cover for another boundary. Raina is LOOKING DANGEROUS here!!2.4 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina goes on the backfoot and pummels the pull shot over midwicket for a boundary.First change, Parvinder Awana comes into the attack for Kings XI Punjab.With Dwayne Smith(4) and Suresh Raina(23) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 27/1 after two overs.EIGHTEEN RUNS off the over!!1.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina makes room and crashes the cut past backward point for another boundary.1.4 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina goes on teh backfoot and smashes it over deep midwicket for the maximum. SENSATIONAL STUFF from Raina!!1.2 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina leans forward and drills it past mid-off for a boundary. BACK-TO-BACK boundaries for Raina!!1.1 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina rocks back and pulls it over midwicket for a boundary. CRACKING SHOT by Raina!! Sandeep Sharma will bowl from the other end for Kings XI Punjab.With Dwayne Smith(4) and Suresh Raina(5) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 9/1 after one over.NINE RUNS off the over!!0.4 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina hangs back and dabs it towards fine leg for a boundary.Suresh Raina comes to the crease for Chennai Super Kings.0.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Mitchell Johnson has got Faf du Plessis out caught at mid-on. Du Plessis was looking to pull but gets a leading edge that goes straight into the hands of George Bailey at mid-on. Faf du Plessis departs for a golden duck. EARLY BLOW for Chennai!!Dwayne Smith and Faf du Plessis are out in the middle for Chennai Super Kings while Mitchell Johnson will start the proceedings for Kings XI Punjab. Kings XI Punjab scored 226 runs at the loss of six wickets after batting first against Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede stadium.That’s the END OF AN EXCEPTIONAL INNINGS for Punjab!!19.6 overs: OUT!! Mohit Sharma has got Wriddhiman Saha out caught at deep square leg. Saha was looking to go wide of the fielder but sends it straight into the hands of Dwayne Smith who doesn’t drop those. Wriddhiman Saha departs after scoring six runs off four balls with a six. Mitchell Johnson comes to the crease for Punjab.19.3 overs: That’s OUT!! David Miller has been run-out by MS Dhoni. Wriddhiman Saha reaches out for it but fails it connect as the Miller sets off for a bye…but Dhoni fires in a direct hit to catch him short at the crease. David Miller departs after scoring 38 runs off 19 balls with five boundaries and a six. 19.2 overs: SIX!! Wriddhiman Saha hangs back and smacks it over deep square leg for the maximum.Mohit Sharma will bowl the FINAL OVER for Chennai!!With David Miller(37) and Wriddhiman Saha(0) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 218/4 after 19 overs.SEVEN RUNS off the over!!Wriddhiman Saha comes to the crease for Kings XI Punjab.18.6 overs: That’s OUT!! Ashish Nehra has bowled George Bailey on a fuller delivery. Bailey was looking to slog it over midwicket but misses it as the ball makes a mess of the stumps. George Bailey departs after scoring just one run off two balls. 18.2 overs: FOUR!! David Miller takes it on the full and tonks it over midwicket for a boundary. POOR BOWLING from Nehra!!George Bailey comes to the crease for Kings XI Punjab.18.1 overs: OUT!! Ashish Nehra has got Virender Sehwag out caught at covers. Sehwag was looking to go big but mistimes it straight down the throat of Faf du Plessis who takes it cleanly. Virender Sehwag departs after scoring 122 runs off 58 balls with 12 boundaries and eight sixes. TAKE A BOW Viru!! With Virender Sehwag(122) and Glenn Maxwell(31) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 211/2 after 18 overs.EIGHTEEN RUNS off the over!!17.4 overs: SIX!! Virender Sehwag picks the length early and smokes it over long-on for another maximum. That’s EIGHTH SIX for Viru today!!17.3 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag slashes hard and sends it towards third man for a boundary. Nothing seems to be WORKING OUT for Chennai at the moment!!17.2 overs: SIX!! Virender Sehwag gets a big stride forward and bludgeons it over long-on for the maximum. Sehwag, YOU BEAUTY!! With Virender Sehwag(105) and Glenn Maxwell(30) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 193/2 after 17 overs.SEVENTEEN RUNS off the over!!16.5 overs: FOUR!! David Miller makes room and steers it past the wicket-keeper for a boundary. CLEVER CRICKET from Miller!!16.4 overs: SIX!! David Miller takes it on the full and clubs it over long-on for the maximum. That was EFFORTLESS from Miller!! 16.1 overs: FOUR!! David Miller stands tall and drills it towards long-off for a boundary. Miller JOINS THE PARTY!! With Virender Sehwag(104) and Glenn Maxwell(14) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 176/2 after 16 overs.NINE RUNS off the over!!15.6 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag reaches out abd carves it over backward point for a boundary. Sehwag is in FORM OF HIS LIFE here!!15.4: Virender Sehwag drills it towards mid-off and completes a single. That’s 50-BALL TON for Viru!! With Virender Sehwag(70) and Glenn Maxwell(0) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 111/1 after 11 overs.TWO RUNS off the over!!Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease for Kings XI Punjab.10.4 overs: That’s OUT!! Ishwar Pandey has got Manan Vohra out caught at midwicket. Vohra was looking to pull but gets a top-edge that goes straight down the throat of Suresh Raina who doesn’t drop those. Manan Vohra departs after scoring 34 runs off 31 balls with a boundary and two sixes. Vohra is ABSOLUTELY GUTTED with himself!!Ishwar Pandey comes back into the attack for Chennai Super Kings. With Virender Sehwag(68) and Manan Vohra(34) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 109/0 after 10 overs.ELEVEN RUNS off the over!!9.2 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag goes deep in his crease and swats it towards long-on for another boundary. This is SENSATIONAL BATTING from Viru!!9.1 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag slashes hard and gets a top-edge towards third man for a boundary. With Virender Sehwag(59) and Manan Vohra(33) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 98/0 after nine overs.ELEVEN RUNS off the over!!7.3 overs: SIX!! Virender Sehwag gets a big stride forward and sends it deep into the stands over long-off for the maximum. MIGHTY BLOW from Viru!! Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack for Chennai Super Kings. With Virender Sehwag(50) and Manan Vohra(27) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 81/0 after seven overs.ELEVEN RUNS off the over!!6.5 overs: Virender Sehwag works it past backward point and steals a single. That’s 21-BALL FIFTY for Viru!!6.1 overs: SIX!! Virender Sehwag bends down and slogs it over the cow corner for the maximum. GLIMPSE of Sehwag we know!!First sign of spin, Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack for Chennai. Dhoni & co. DESPERATELY NEED A WICKET here!! With Virender Sehwag(42) and Manan Vohra(25) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 70/0 after six overs.THIRTEEN RUNS off the over!!It’s RAINING BOUNDARIES for Punjab at the moment!!5.2 overs: SIX!! Virender Sehwag flays the upper-cut and sends it sailing over third man fence for the maximum.With Virender Sehwag(31) and Manan Vohra(23) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 57/0 after five overs.FOURTEEN RUNS off the over!!4.3 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag waits for it and guides it towards third man for the third consecutive boundary in the over. Sehwag is ON FIRE here!!4.2 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag leans into the drive and sends it scurrying through extra cover for another boundary. That’s Viru AT HIS BEST!!4.1 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag hangs back and slaps it past mid-off for a boundary.TWENTY FOUR RUNS off the over!!3.6 overs: SIX!! Manan Vohra stands tall and smashes it over long-on for another maximum. Vohra is in TOP FORM here!!3.4 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag was looking to flick but gets a leading edge over backward point for another boundary. Viru was REALLY LUCKY there!!3.3 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag slashes hard and sends it racing towards third man for a boundary.3.1 overs: SIX!! Manan Vohra rocks back and clouts the pull over midwicket for the maximum. That was MUSCLED by Vohra!! With Virender Sehwag(10) and Manan Vohra(8) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 19/0 after three overs.EIGHT RUNS off the over!!2.6 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag reaches out and slices it over backward point for a boundary.First change, Mohit Sharma comes into the attack for Chennai Super Kings.With Virender Sehwag(5) and Manan Vohra(6) at the crease, Kings XI Punjab are currently at 11/0 after two overs.BRILLIANT START by Pandey, just one runs off it!!Ishwar Pandey will bowl from the other end for Chennai Super Kings.TEN RUNS off the over!!0.6 overs: FOUR!! Virender Sehwag reaches out and smashes it through covers for a boundary. BEAUTIFUL SHOT by Viru!!0.2 overs: FOUR!! Manan Vohra waits for it and flicks it towards fine leg for the first boundary in the over. POOR LINE from Nehra!! Virender Sehwag and Manan Vohra are out in the middle for Kings XI Punjab while Ashish Nehra will start the proceedings for Chennai Super Kings. TEAM NEWS: Chennai have Dwayne Smith, Faf du Plessis, Brendon McCullum and David Hussey as the overseas players in their Playing XI. On the other hand, Punjab will play David Miller, Glenn Maxwell, George Bailey and Mitchell Johnson as the overseas players in their Playing XI today. TOSS: Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to field against Kings XI Punjab. What’s At Stake:It’s a do-or-die clash for both teams in the second qualifier today. On one hand where Punjab will be looking to make their second chance count, their counterparts Chennai will be eager to make the IPL finals for the record sixth time in the tournament’s history.Chasing 164 in the first qualifier, Punjab blew away a chance for automatic qualification, as their powerful batting line-up failed to live up to its potential and crashed to a 28-run loss against Kolkata.A few hours later at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai, the Chennai came up with a professional display to oust defending champions, Mumbai, in front of their home crowd, in the eliminator match, and are on the threshold of entering the final for the 6th time in the Indian Premier League.Statistics:Glenn Maxwell has enjoyed facing Chennai bowlers. In the previous two innings against them, he scored 95 and 90 respectively.Maxwell has hit 35 sixes in the tournament so far, and is closely followed by Dwayne Smith, who has hit 34.Quotes:”In batting, you have to keep improving your shots. You have to execute really well. At the same time you need to back your strength,” Suresh Raina, on batting in T20s.”Maxwell can expect me to come over the wicket to him in the next match,” Ravichandran Ashwin isn’t worried about bowling to his tormentor-in-chief, Glenn Maxwell.Chennai Super Kings:The MS Dhoni – led side has peaked at the right time. Dwayne Smith, 2nd in the charts for the highest run scorer has more often than not provided blazing starts. Against Mumbai, Faf du Plessis opened with Smith while Brendon McCullum came in at No.4, but on a good batting track such as the Wankhede, the team management might revert to the Smith-McCullum combination that has served them so well so far.The middle order has been further strengthened by the arrival of David Hussey while Suresh Raina continues to be a model of consistency. Add the skipper to this batting line-up, it gives plenty of muscle and balance to the order.Dhoni was worried about the lack of penetration amongst his bowlers, but Tuesday’s performance would have brought smiles on his face. Ashish Nehra, returning after an injury, has provided variety to what was an one-dimensional attack, and has also allowed Chennai to play the extra overseas batsman. Mohit Sharma, with 22 wickets is the holder of the purple cap, while the spin duo of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have kept the batsmen quiet.Kings XI Punjab:After a sizzling start to the tournament, Punjab have begun to slow down as the business end emerged. Glenn Maxwell, who started in a rollicking fashion, has been somewhat stopped on his tracks, accumulating just 22 runs from his last 4 innings.Virender Sehwag has been hit-or-miss, while Manan Vohra and David Miller have not capitalized on starts. Known for their attacking brand of cricket, that very aspect of the game went missing when they faced the Kolkata, admittedly on a track that slowed down as the match progressed.George Bailey’s side will be worried about the profligacy of their pacers. While the two young spinners, Akshar Patel and Karanveer Singh, have more than justified their selections, the pacers have tended to go for plenty of runs.The axing of Sandeep Sharma, after just a couple of failures has been perplexing. With all to play for, Bailey will hope that his bowlers put up a spirited performance against the rampaging Chennai batsmen.Key player to watch in today’s crucial tie:Glenn Maxwell: The million-dollar man last season, Maxwell was snatched by Kings XI Punjab for a whopping Rs 6 crore this year. The 25-year-old is a terrific all-rounder to have in your side. He can bowl right-arm off-spin and bat anywhere in the middle-order. He shot to fame after smashing a 19-ball half-century in 2009-10 – the fastest fifty in Australia’s domestic cricket. His most recent antics of 33-ball 74, the third fastest fifty in T20 internationals, shows his batting prowess. He will have to play a key role if Punjab intend to clinch their first IPL title this year.MS Dhoni: If Chennai Super Kings intend to repeat their 2010 and 2011 heroics in the IPL 7 this year, it has to be skipper MS Dhoni who’ll need to lead from the front. The 32-year-old Captain Cool is one of the best finishers in limited overs cricket today. His ability to hold wickets in pressure situations and then accelerate ferociously at the death overs has earned him accolades all over the globe. With over 2200 runs in 96 games for Super Kings, Dhoni is as ferocious as they come in T20.David Miller: The 24-year-old South African, aka ‘Killer Miller’ in IPL, is as explosive as they come in limited-overs cricket. After making a name for his power-hitting, Miller has turned into a gruesome strokeplayer in modern-day cricket. His ability to play a wide range of strokes, both off the front and backfoot has earned him quite a reputation in international cricket. Miller was also one of the most entertaining batsmen in the IPL last season. The young South African took the IPL by storm after scoring 418 runs with 28 fours and 24 sixes for Kings XI Punjab in 2013. The performance impressed his team owners to such an extent that he became one of the only two players to be retained by KXIP ahead of 2014 IPL auctions.Brendon McCullum: The 32-year-old swashbuckling batsman is the latest weapon Super Kings boasts of in the seventh edition of the IPL. The New Zealand skipper is one of the most explosive batsmen in the shortest version of the game. His breathtaking knock of 158 runs for Kolkata Knight Riders in the inaugural IPL match showcases his ability to take the game away from the opposition. With over 1200 runs in 48 games, McCullum will be one of the key players for the Super Kings this season.Ravichandran Ashwin: He is one of the bankers of the side and can put the brakes on opposition batsmen while also getting wickets. With 64 wickets in 67 games, Ashwin has been a key performer for the Super Kings in the IPL so far.Teams(from):Chennai Super Kings:  Dwayne Smith, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Brendon McCullum, David Hussey, MS Dhoni(c/wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Mohit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Samuel Badree, Ben Hilfenhaus, Matt Henry, Baba Aparajith, Mithun Manhas, Pawan Negi, Vijay Shankar, Ronit More, John HastingsKings XI Punjab: George Bailey(c), Mitchell Johnson, David Miller, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag, Shaun Marsh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Gurkeerat Singh, Manan Vohra, Mandeep Singh, Rishi Dhawan, Thisara Perera, Akshar Patel, Karanveer Singh, Wriddhiman Saha(wk), Murali Kartik, Shivam Sharma, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Sandeep Sharma, Parvinder Awana, Anureet Singh, Shardul Thakurlast_img read more

IPL 2018, RCB v DD: AB de Villiers’ daredevilry crushes Delhi

first_imgAB de Villiers gave the crowd exactly what they came to see on Saturday as he smashed his third hundred in the Indian Premier League to lead Royal Challengers Bangalore to victory at the M Chinnaswamy stadium.De Villiers remained unbeaten on 90 from 39 balls with the help of 5 sixes and 10 boundaries as the Royal Challengers comfortably chased down 175 in 18 overs with 6 wickets in hand against Delhi Daredevils.De Villiers was well supported by captain Virat Kohli during the run chase as the duo added 63 runs for the third wicket with the latter scoring 30 off 26 balls.Virat Kolhi’s innings vs Delhi cut short by flying Trent Boult. King Kolhi stunned!Mr. 360 then stitched a 56-run partnership with Corey Anderson which brought RCB very close to the target. He was then joined by Mandeep Singh in the middle, who remained unbeaten on 17* as the Royal Challengers got to the target with 12 balls to spare.It was de Villiers’ highest score batting second in the IPL after his 89 against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2014 and 79 against Gujarat Lions in 2016. All three knocks have come at the Chinnaswamy stadium.The South African superstar came very close to scoring the third hundred in the IPL this season in 3 days but sadly the target wasn’t big enough for him to reach triple figures.#ABD switching gears and how! He brings up his FIFTY off 24 balls.#RCBvDD (@IPL) April 21, 2018De Villiers has three hundreds to his name in the IPL. He had first scored a hundred playing for the Daredevils against Chennai Super Kings back in 2009 after which he smashed two more centuries for RCB in 2015 (133* vs Mumbai Indians) and 2016 (129* vs Gujarat Lions).advertisementThe 34-year-old has been in decent form this season with scores of 44, 57, 20 and 1 in the previous four matches but RCB haven’t been able to register wins on a consistent basis so far.But this win certainly came at a good time for RCB as they climbed to fifth in the table with 4 points in five games. Delhi are languishing in last place with just one win in 5 matches.Earlier, Rishabh Pant (85) and Shreyas Iyer (52) helped the Daredevils post a fighting 174/5 after being put into bat by Kohli.Iyer and Pant then showed some resistance, sharing a 75-run partnership for the third wicket as Delhi recovered from a poor start.A fantastic knock of 85 by @RishabPant777 guides the @DelhiDaredevils to a total of 174/5.#RCB need 175 runs to win.Follow the game here – #RCBvDD (@IPL) April 21, 2018Put into bat, Delhi were off to a poor start as both the openers Jason Roy (5) and Gautam Gambhir (3) were back in the dug out with the scorecard reading just 23 runs in 5.4 overs.Pant and Iyer eased the pressure on the visitors as they took time to settle down before finding occassional big shots.Spinner Washington Sundar finally broke Delhi’s momentum, dismissing Iyer, who was looking good, in the 14th over with Delhi’s score being 98/3. Iyer departed after hitting four fours and three sixes.With the addition of just another seven runs in Delhi’ scorecard, Chahal sent back incoming batter Glenn Maxwell (4).However, Pant kept the fight alive for his side and slammed 18 runs off a Chris Woakes’ 18th over to lift Delhi to 163/4.Trying to go big in the final over, Pant was finally dismissed by Corey Anderson. The Delhi batter’s 48-ball 85-run knock was guided by six boundaries and seven sixes.Rahul Tewatia’s 13 off 9 for Delhi helped the visitors reach a fighting total.For RCB, Chahal was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2/22 while Umesh, Anderson and Sundar bagged one wicket apiece.(With IANS inputs)last_img read more

Fans Are Perplexed About UNC’s Decision To Kneel On 4th Down Late In Today’s Game

first_imgNew UNC head coach Mack Brown addresses the crowd at North Carolina.CHAPEL HILL, NC – DECEMBER 15: Head coach Mack Brown of North Carolina football is introduced with staff at halftime during a basketball game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs on December 15, 2018 at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. North Carolina won 90-103. (Photo by Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty Images)UNC’s second Mack Brown era got off to a nice start today, with a big upset win over South Carolina. The Tar Heels were pretty big underdogs, with lines hovering around 11 points entering the game.Nothing should tarnish what was an impressive debut for Brown and his staff, coming off of back-to-back nine-loss seasons under Larry Fedora. South Carolina has been a solid bowl team for a few years now under Will Muschamp.Still, one of the team’s decisions late in the game raised a lot of eyebrows, and could have been a total disaster. Luckily for Tar Heel fans, UNC held on for a 24-20 win.With under two minutes left in the game, UNC picked off Gamecock quarterback Jake Bentley. South Carolina only had one timeout left, so the game should’ve been essentially over.The Tar Heels elected to kneel things out. The only problem: on fourth down, there were still 11 seconds left on the clock. UNC took a knee rather than punt, giving South Carolina the ball at midfield. There was potential for two plays, or at least one heave to the end zone for a game winning touchdown.UNC TOOK A KNEE AT MIDFIELD AND GAVE THE BALL BACK?!— Brad Crawford (@BCrawford247) August 31, 2019UNC took knee? Wouldn’t it be crazy if South Carolina………😬— Anthony Becht (@Anthony_Becht) August 31, 2019I can’t even think right now. I know UNC won, but what in the world were they doing taking a knee on 4th? I need an explanation.— Dr. Brett (@Bacyardwrestler) August 31, 2019The Gamecocks couldn’t capitalize at all, though. Bentley was sacked on the next play, and UNC ran back what appeared to be a fumble for a touchdown. The play was instead ruled dead, but the result was the same: a win for the Tar Heels.Game One. Win One. #BeTheOne— Carolina Football (@TarHeelFootball) August 31, 2019Again, that decision wound up being inconsequential, but I definitely want to hear from Mack Brown about whatever was going on there, because it could have been an all-time mistake if things had gone differently on that final play.last_img read more

Healthy Orderbook for IHC Merwede

first_imgzoom IHC Merwede successfully increased its order book in 2013 across the main sectors of its business: offshore and dredging.The company received almost € 1.8 billion worth of new orders in the past year. At the end of 2013, the order book was valued at over € 1.7 billion, which is the equivalent of a backlog of approximately two years.IHC Merwede develops and builds innovative vessels, advanced equipment and life-cycle support services for the dredging, mining and offshore industries. These markets have been performing well, despite the global economic situation and the knock-on effect for the maritime industry.In 2013, IHC Merwede achieved a revenue of € 985 million (2012: € 895 million) and a net profit of € 56 million (2012: € 37 million). The company is looking ahead to the remainder of 2014 with increasing confidence.The company profited from the sale of various vessels and equipment in 2013, including six pipelaying vessels to SapuraKencana and Subsea 7 – the company’s largest ever order. It is expected that further investments – related to the Brazilian market – will not be curtailed, and IHC Merwede intends to build upon its strong and reliable position in this territory.IHC Merwede’s four main priorities – internationalisation, growth, product and process development, and internal/external cooperation – remained the same for 2013 as a red thread through the company’s strategy.The implementation of the One IHC Merwede program will encourage the standardisation of tools and processes across all of IHC Merwede’s business units to further improve efficiency within the company.“We are delighted to confirm that IHC Merwede’s order book has increased substantially over the past financial year,” says IHC Merwede’s CEO Bram Roelse. “This is due to the successful implementation of the group’s long-term business strategy, especially in the dredging and offshore markets. It also ensures that we are in a strong position moving forward over a number of years and provides us with a stable platform for ongoing development on a global basis.” ihcmerwede, April 9, 2014last_img read more

Sixties Scoop left heart wrenching legacy for Métis families too

first_img(Senator, Elder Nora Cummings at her home in Saskatoon. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Social Services never bothered Cummings or her children again after that encounter although her sister wasn’t as fortunate – she had five of her children taken away and adopted out.“We never knew what happened to them,” Cummings tells me. “We lost track and when my sister got her life together she went back into court and they wouldn’t give back her children. They refused, even with all the support she had from her family.”Her sister never recovered from the loss and when she passed away, Cummings made a promise to their mother that she would find all of the children that were scooped.In the years that followed she began to lead a growing resistance of Métis women and families seeking to put an end to the AIM campaign once and for all.(Senator, Elder Nora Cummings rests her hand on a Métis sash. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) “We told them, you have to take these ads away,” Cummings says. “So we did, we stopped that, we got that stopped. We got them to stop taking children over the border. And we had good support, we were in the communities and everyone was organizing and our women were very vocal because we had to be. We had to be vocal and radical in a sense because women weren’t respected.”Cummings also managed to keep her promise and was eventually able to track down all of her sister’s children that were scooped. And while it may not have been the reunion that she had imagined, Cummings says that they are rebuilding their relationship one day at a time.“For me, my sister and I were very close and our children were very close together,” she tells me. “And now they don’t have that connection and that saddens me. We’re kind of strangers and we’re still working on that relationship. You know people don’t understand, it doesn’t only affect the parents, it affects the whole family.” To get a better understanding of how the AIM program came about and the impact it had on the Sixties Scoop, I travelled to the University of Regina to meet with historian Allyson Stevenson.As a Métis adoptee, Stevenson has a personal experience with Saskatchewan’s child welfare system. She wasn’t scooped but was voluntarily given up for adoption by her birth mother.“Initially, being a Métis adoptee is what drew me in to understanding the Sixties Scoop,” Stevenson tells me from the Aboriginal Students Centre on the U of R campus. “I recognize the experience and continue to be deeply engaged in issues around social justice in regards to the child welfare system.”(University of Regina historian Allyson Stevenson. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Stevenson says that in order to understand how the Sixties Scoop came about in Canada and how it was allowed to thrive for decades afterwards, you have to understand the racism and prejudices that Indigenous people faced on a daily basis.“There was a century of racial bias on the part of many non-Indigenous families in Saskatchewan, in Canada.” Stevenson says. “It’s no secret that First Nations and Métis people were perceived as less than white. White supremacy was very common in Canada.”The official reasons that were given for having children taken from families are eerily similar to today – poverty, poor housing, addictions and family break up being some of the most common.As for the AIM program itself, Stevenson says that it was strictly to advertise First Nations and Métis children as needing families and as detached from their home communities.(AIM Advertisement. Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon Star Phoenix) “The narratives were meant to ease any anxieties around Indigenous identities or racialized fears that Canadians, non-Indigenous people might have about taking children in,” Stevenson said.“The children would be dressed in very middle class attire and the descriptions would play up their desirability. For girls they would be described as very loving or very quiet, likes to play with dolls. For boys it would be, fun little guy, likes to play with cars and so on,” she adds.Watch: AIM Commercial. Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan  Cullen CrozierAPTN InvestigatesI meet up with Robert Doucette at the University of Saskatchewan Archives in Saskatoon. He’s running late because he has to drop his daughter off at school, it’s something the 56-year-old father of four takes great pride in.“Family is the most important thing to me,” he tells me. “And I think, within our own communities, that has always been the most important thing. That’s why they targeted it.” (Winnipeg Free Press) Doucette’s name was the first to pop up when I began researching Métis Sixties Scoop survivors for an upcoming documentary I’m producing for APTN Investigates.As the former president of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, he has been very vocal about the treatment of Métis survivors over the years.“We’re the ‘just wait’ tribe, the ‘just wait’ Aboriginals,” Doucette says. “And I’m educated enough and motivated enough and strong enough to say, I’m not accepting ‘just wait.’ None of us should. Just deal with the issue.”Classes have just started back up for the semester and the campus is alive with students going about their daily routines as we slowly make our way down a number of hallways before eventually descending into the archives.(Robert Doucette in the University of Saskatchewan Archives. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Doucette spends a lot of time in libraries and archives like this one, going through boxes of old documents and files, slowly scanning hundreds of feet of microfiche, trying to find answers to questions about his past.“You can see that, from the documents I’ve read and the research that I’ve done, that the goal since day one, of both of these governments is to assimilate and to integrate Aboriginal people, Métis and First Nations people into what they believe,” says Doucette. “They didn’t take any time to try and understand our cultures.”Like many children of his generation, Doucette is a victim of the Sixties Scoop – an archaic nation-wide adoption strategy that saw tens of thousands of Canadian Indigenous children removed from their families and placed in non-Indigenous homes.(McKay family photo, Buffalo Narrows Saskatchewan circa 1960. Photo courtesy: Robert Doucette) Doucette was apprehended by child welfare workers from his home community of Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan in 1962 – he was only four months old.His biological mother, Dianne McKay, was just 15 years old when he was born and while his immediate family was more than willing to take care of the newest addition to the family – social services had other ideas.“So you have a 15-year-old, unwed Métis girl in the middle of a northern Saskatchewan forest with a baby boy and seemingly, according to their belief, no support system,” Doucette recalls. “They didn’t understand the extended family system, my auntie, my mushom and kokum were all there to help.”To this day, neither Doucette nor his biological mother have ever been given a reason why he was taken away.(Robert Doucette, photo taken shortly after he was scooped in 1962. Photo courtesy: Robert Doucette) While each province developed their own policies regarding the adoption of Indigenous children during the height of the Sixties Scoop, Saskatchewan had a somewhat uncommon approach – they hired an advertising agency to help sell the idea to the public. The program was called Adopt Indian Métis or AIM.“The AIM program has had a devastating impact on our communities and now we are having to deal with that,” Doucette tells me as he pulls out a file folder thick with old AIM newspaper clippings he has collected over the years. “They’ve done a real number on a lot of families and caused a lot of harm and now it’s our generation that has to try and pick up the pieces and raise our families the best that we can.”(Newspaper advertisements for the Adopt Indian and Métis Program, late 1960s, Saskatchewan.) The AIM campaign was simple yet extremely effective.Beginning in 1967, the pilot program was funded by both the federal and provincial governments who wasted no time inundating residents of Saskatchewan with public service announcements, newspaper advertisements and television and radio spots – all meant to stimulate the public interest in transracial adoption.Watch: Cyril MacDonald – Saskatchewan’s Minister of Welfare 1967 (Senator, Elder Nora Cummings holding an AIM advertisement. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) The government policies that led to the administration of the Sixties Scoop were discontinued in the mid-1980s. In the years that followed, multiple lawsuits were filed against the Government of Canada by the survivors.On October 6, 2017 an $875 million settlement was announced for First Nations and Inuit victims. Métis and non-status survivors have been excluded from the agreement.(Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations announcing settlement.)Before leaving Saskatoon to begin work on the documentary, I pay a final visit to Robert Doucette at his small suburban townhome.He lays out a number of family photo albums for me to look at, many of which show him with his adoptive family, the Doucette’s in Duck Lake Saskatchewan, where he was raised.One of the photos shows a class of dozens of smiling youngsters with Doucette off to the side, head cocked at an awkward angle to the right – the result, he tells me later, of a hasty forceps delivery that permanently damaged the nerves in his neck.(Elementary School photo. Robert Doucette middle row, far right. Photo: Robert Doucette) Another shows Doucette at his adoptive sister’s wedding. Again he is seen standing off to the side, seemingly uncomfortable in his own skin.(Doucette family wedding. Robert Doucette far left. Photo courtesy: Robert Doucette) “Basically we thought we were white,” Doucette remembers. “But yet we’re being called chief and Indian, right? So it really plays a role in how you view yourself and as I got older it became more intense, the racism and the ugliness.”But it’s that history and shared experience that has led Doucette to help other Sixties Scoop survivors at various sharing circles throughout Saskatchewan. The stories are usually very painful but Doucette says that it’s all part of the healing process.“In some of these homes, the children were used as slave labour on farms,” Doucette recalls. “One gentleman told me that they were lined up just like cattle and they would look at their teeth and their eyes and inspect them like they were animals and then point out which ones they wanted.”Doucette closes the photo albums and carefully places them back on the shelf.“These are the stories that a lot of non-Indigenous Canadians have never heard,” he finishes. “And it shocks them.”After hearing all these stories and seeing for myself the pain behind them, I’m thinking they should be (Dr. Jacqueline Maurice. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Maurice suggested we meet at the Batoche National Historic Site just outside of Saskatoon because of the significance the battlefield holds for the Métis people. I arrive an hour early and find that she is already there waiting for me.She greats me with an apprehensive smile and presents me with a small medicine bag filled with stones and sage as a token of her appreciation for me covering her story. It’s a gift that I humbly accept.Like most of the survivors that I spoke with, Maurice had a very devastating experience with the Sixties Scoop. She was taken right at birth from Meadow Lake Union Hospital and made a permanent ward of the government. She was never registered for adoption and as a result grew up in the child welfare system.(Only known photo of Jackie Maurice as a child. At three years of age, she had already been through nine foster homes. Photo courtesy: Dr. Jacqueline Maurice) “At age four, I was in a holding area, kind of in a warehouse area at Dale’s House in Regina,” she tells me. “Dale’s house at that time was a juvenile delinquents centre. So I often ask, what is a three-and-a-half, almost four year old child, young girl doing in a juvenile delinquent centre? And that was my first recollection and memory of being sexually assaulted.”Maurice would spend the next decade being bounced around from foster home to foster home, never finding the love and support of a family that she desperately longed for. By the age of 15, she had already made a number of attempts on her young life.“I was just so devastated after my final and 14th foster home that I didn’t know where to turn to,” Maurice recalls, holding back tears. “And no young person in their life should be faced with that decision. I want to make that clear. So from that age on, I literally had the backing of no family. Not that I had family in my life anyway.”(Dr. Jacqueline Maurice. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Maurice ended up on the streets. She was forced to lie about her age in order to get a part-time job to put a roof over her head. She spent the next few years trying to drown her past in a bottle.“I was at all those crossroads,” she continues. “Jails, institutions, death, alcohol, self-destruction, hitting the streets, violence, you name it. Because I was not only family-less but when you grow up in the system, you’re pretty much homeless in a lot of respects.”Maurice eventually found the strength to turn her life around. She put herself through university, achieving a PhD in social work. She even wrote a book, “The Lost Children: A Nation’s Shame” chronicling her life caught up in the child welfare system.“We often say that it takes a whole village to raise a child.” Maurice says. “And in terms of my own health and wellbeing I had to learn to let it go and draw strength from the positives and really step into the spirit of forgiveness.”(The Lost Children: A Nation’s Shame by Dr. Jacqueline Maurice)While Maurice was eventually able to come to terms with her past, other survivors weren’t as fortunate.By the time the 1970s rolled around the AIM program was well established in Saskatchewan. Provincial statistics showed that the program was a success and that the number of Indigenous children adopted out to non-Indigenous homes was on the rise.But with all of the new found attention also came notoriety.(A 1975 Government of Saskatchewan adoption services poster) As the AIM program reached its height of success, the Métis community also began to take notice. Grassroots organizations like the Métis Society of Saskatoon began to demand that Indigenous children be returned to their families or, at the very least, be adopted out into Indigenous homes.It’s was a turning point in history that Senator and Elder Nora Cummings remembers all too well.“This is Canada for God’s sakes,” she says. “This is our home and we’re treated like a Third World country.”Cummings invites me up to her small apartment on the outskirts of Saskatoon. She answers the door with a warm smile and offers me tea and bannock.(A touch of Métis hospitality. Photo: Cullen Crozier/APTN) Cummings is something of a legendary figure within Saskatchewan’s Métis community and at 80 years of age she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.“I would have died before I let them take my children,” she tells me. “And you know, I was blessed that I had all of my children.”Cummings never had any of her children taken during the Sixties Scoop – but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. She still remembers the day that she was sent to meet with a director for the department of Social Services in Saskatoon.“He had his feet up on the desk,” she remembers. “And he said, ‘we’ll maybe let you keep two oldest, we’ll take the twins and take the baby when it’s born.’ And I got really upset, very emotional, I said, those are my children that you’re talking about, and nobody’s going to take my children or my unborn child.”Cummings tells me her story with such passion and intensity, that I can only imagine how the social worker must have felt – like an unruly child being given the scolding of a lifetime.“And let me tell you something else,” she continues. “If you send a social worker to my house, they’re not going to walk out of the house with my children, they’re not going to walk out. And I said if you think I’m kidding, you try me.” To this day it’s still not known how many Indigenous children were victims of the Sixties Scoop.From the late 1950s to the mid-1980s it’s estimated that more than 20,000 Indigenous children were scooped up from their families and home communities and fostered or adopted out into non-Indigenous homes. But even those numbers are considered conservative.It’s just one of many unanswered questions that survivors like Dr. Jacqueline Maurice want answered.“Being a child of the sixties scoop, it’s like I was ready to die of a broken heart,” says Maurice. “It’s such a loss, it’s like the loss of a limb that can never be replaced.”last_img read more

Canadian markets run by TMX Group close early due to technical problem

first_imgTORONTO – The Toronto Stock Exchange and Montreal Exchange have shut down early for the day as a result of technical problems that erupted about 2 p.m. ET.The Toronto-based company that owns the exchanges announced the unusual decision through Twitter.A spokeswoman for Toronto-based TMX Group said the company was investigating the cause of the disruption but would be confining its comments to its social media feed.The first tweet was sent out about 2 p.m., with two hours remaining in the normal trading day.A later update said TMX had decided to shut down all markets for the remainder of the day and apologized for the inconvenience.last_img

Senators to resume debate on postal legislation after taking a day to

first_imgOTTAWA — Senators are to resume a special sitting today to examine a back-to-work bill that would force an end to rotating strikes at Canada Post as the walkouts enter their sixth week.Bill C-89 was debated in the upper chamber on Saturday after the Liberal government fast-tracked the legislation through the House of Commons.But despite an initial plan to continue debate — and possibly hold a vote — on Sunday, senators chose instead to give themselves an extra day to digest hours of witness testimony on the labour dispute.A Senate official says final debate on the legislation is expected to begin by mid-afternoon (2 p.m. ET), likely followed by an early evening vote.The bill could receive royal assent and become law a short time later, which would force striking postal workers back to work by noon on Tuesday.However, the legislation could be delayed by a number of factors, such as amendments.Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers said their negotiators remained at the bargaining table Sunday, hoping to reach contract agreements in advance of the bill’s passage.Negotiations have been underway for nearly a year, but the dispute escalated more recently when CUPW members launched rotating strikes Oct. 22.Those walkouts have led to backlogs of mail and parcel deliveries at the Crown corporation’s main sorting plants in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.Picket lines were up Sunday at Canada Post facilities in northern Ontario, as well as in parts of British Columbia.CUPW vowed to continue the walkouts Monday to back its contract demands.The union wants better pay and job security, guaranteed hours for its 8,000 rural and suburban carriers, and equality for those workers with the corporation’s 42,000 urban employees.CUPW also wants Canada Post to adopt rules that it says would cut down on workplace injuries — an issue the union has said is now at a “crisis” level.The union’s national president has called the back-to-work bill a slap in the faces of Canada Post employees and accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of turning his back on postal workers.“We condemn this hypocritical act by a government that promised to defend workers’ rights, claimed to stand for equality for women, and claimed to stand for expanding and defending the middle class,” Mike Palecek said in a weekend statement on the union’s website.“It’s unacceptable for any government to violate workers’ charter rights.”Palecek said the union would decide this week how to fight the back-to-work bill once it becomes law, adding “all options” were on the table.The former Conservative government forced an end to a lockout of postal workers during a 2011 dispute by enacting back-to-work legislation, which was later declared by a court to be unconstitutional.But the Liberal government’s bill is “different,” Labour Minister Patty Hajdu said shortly after the legislation was tabled in the Commons, in that it does not impose immediate outcomes affecting postal contracts.The legislation would give a mediator-arbitrator appointed by the government 90 days to try and reach contract settlements. Failing that, a settlement could be imposed either through a decision from the arbitrator or by choosing from one of the final proposals put forward by Canada Post or CUPW.Once enacted, Bill C-89 would impose fines of between $1,000 and $50,000 per day on anyone found in contravention of the Act, and up to $100,000 per day against Canada Post or the union if they are found guilty of violating its terms.Canada Post said it expected to make about 30,000 deliveries of parcels to Canadians over the past two days — a far cry from the 500,000 deliveries that a company spokesman said was normal for a late-November weekend.“Weekend deliveries occur during the holidays to keep pace and balance the workload through the week,” said Jon Hamilton.“In 2017 we delivered 3.6 million parcels on holiday weekends.” Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Climate change poses defining challenge of our time Ban says

Global warming “remains the defining challenge of our era,” Mr. Ban told reporters at his monthly press conference at UN Headquarters. “The danger is that, as with the [Millennium Development Goals], the magnitude of the threat will be obscured by shorter-term problems, and in particular the deepening financial crisis.”He voiced hope that the next set of UN climate change talks in the Polish city of Poznan in December will produce results through increased cooperation, agreement on a timeframe of work, and, “above all, a strong willingness [on] the part of developed and developing nations alike to lead on an issue that all agree is an existential threat to our planet.”The Secretary-General acknowledged that in the face of immediate economic difficulties, the fight against climate change could take a back seat.“Grave as it may be, today’s financial crisis is a passing storm from which we will recover,” he said.But he warned that “we cannot say that about the potential catastrophe of global warming.”In a related development, Mr. Ban today lauded Japan’s leadership in fighting climate change through its “Cool Biz” programme, from which the United Nations has drawn inspiration for its own “Cool UN” scheme.Japan’s initiative aimed to slash electricity consumption through raising thermostats in office buildings and encouraging all levels of Government personnel to shed their jackets and ties.It “has been an inspiration for the United Nations not just symbolically but literally,” he said in a message, delivered by UN University (UNU) Rector Konrad Osterwalder in Tokyo, on receiving the East Asian nation’s “Cool Biz” award.In August, the UN launched its own “Cool UN” initiative, with temperatures being raised by five degrees from 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit in most parts of the landmark Secretariat building in New York.“This practical step to reduce emissions and increase staff awareness of climate change was the ultimate win-win,” the Secretary-General said. “We achieved a reduction in emissions equivalent to 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide. We saved money.”He said that a reverse process – turning down the thermostat by five degrees Fahrenheit – will take place in the winter.“Cool UN is just part of the Organization’s efforts to address this global threat,” Mr. Ban said, noting the renovation of UN Headquarters will lead to a “greener and more efficient United Nations.” 7 October 2008Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today warned of the dangers of the fight against the climate change – which he characterized as the “defining challenge of our era” – getting bogged down by shorter-term problems, such as the current global financial turmoil. read more

QuickList July inflation rate for selected Canadian cities

OTTAWA — Canada’s national annual inflation rate was 1.2 per cent in July, Statistics Canada says. The agency also released rates for major cities, but cautioned that figures may have fluctuated widely because they are based on small statistical samples (previous month in brackets):— St. John’s, N.L.: 1.0 per cent (1.6)— Charlottetown-Summerside: 1.6 (1.1)— Halifax: 0.9 (0.5)— Saint John, N.B.: 1.5 (2.1)— Quebec: 1.0 (0.6)— Montreal: 1.1 (0.8)— Ottawa: 1.0 (1.0)— Toronto: 2.0 (2.1)— Thunder Bay, Ont.: 0.9 (0.9)— Winnipeg: 0.8 (0.2)— Regina: 0.8 (0.4)— Saskatoon: 1.0 (0.7)— Edmonton: 1.1 (0.4)— Calgary: 1.3 (0.7)— Vancouver: 1.9 (1.8)— Victoria: 1.8 (1.8)

Temporary layoffs for 1200 GM Oshawa workers as US strike continues

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on September 18, 2019.The Canadian Press OSHAWA, Ont. — About 1,200 General Motors employees at the company’s assembly plant in Oshawa, Ont., have been temporarily laid off because of a strike in the U.S., with more job cuts expected soon.The employees, who work on the Oshawa truck line, will still receive full wages while the strike by some 48,000 GM workers in the U.S. continues.Unifor president Jerry Dias says he expects the second line at the Oshawa plant to also be disrupted because of a lack of parts from the U.S. as early as Thursday to leave all 2,600 workers at the plant off the job.He says he expects about two-thirds of GM’s Cami plant in Ingersoll, Ont., to shut down by early next week because of the strike, while its St. Catharines, Ont., operation could be hit by the middle of next week. Workers at those plants will still be compensated in a shut down but not as fully as the Oshawa workers.Dias says some other operations are also issuing temporary layoffs, including a trucking company in Windsor, but that the key hit will be the GM plants.GM workers in the U.S. walked off the job for the first time in over a decade on Monday over issues including wages, health care, and job security. read more

Volleyballs Mari Hole finds home at OSU

It took 7,596 miles for Mari Hole to find a school that felt right to her academically and athletically, but both she and the rest of the Ohio State women’s volleyball team agree it was worth every mile. The first 5,323 miles took place when the junior outside hitter left her hometown of Oslo, Norway to play at UCLA. The last 2,273 came when she decided to transfer to OSU after her first two years. It was all a part of an unusual journey for a girl who did not even start playing volleyball until six years ago. Hole said she played soccer and skied growing up but got into volleyball eventually because her mom’s side of the family plays. It eventually led to her decision to come to the U.S. “My mom played a year at Hawaii back in ‘86 or something so I kind of always heard of the possibility and she always talked about it so I decided to give it a try,” Hole said. “I was lucky enough to get a scholarship.” Hole now leads the team with her 282 kills and 323.5 points, both fifth-best in the Big Ten. It was the perfect addition for the 13-6 Buckeyes who lost 802 kills and 41 percent of their points from their two senior outside hitters last year . “It was kind of just like a big deep breath-and-relax kind of thing because we were kind of short on outside hitters,” senior libero Sarah Mignin said. “We really didn’t have any experience so having a player who did play in a big conference in the Pac-10 really helped us.” Hole was an All-Pac-10 Freshman Honorable Mention in her first year at UCLA but a change of coaches and several other factors led to her decision to transfer. “I wasn’t too happy about my athletic situation and then academically there wasn’t anything I really wanted to study and I was kind of done with the culture there,” Hole said. “So it was kind of one of those things I decided to give something else a try.” Coach Geoff Carlston was looking for a player at the time, said he heard through the grapevine about Hole and got an official release to start talking to her. “We had the stats and saw a little bit of YouTube video but it was mostly just talking to people,” Carlston said. “We hadn’t seen her a lot because she didn’t play a lot her sophomore year.” Hole narrowed the transfer down to four schools that she visited and said academics played a major part in where she looked because UCLA did not have a major she wanted to do. Both Hole and fellow junior and outside hitter Emily Danks said Hole’s visit to OSU went really well. “I remember we were sitting around at someone’s house watching “The Bachelor” and just hanging out and everyone just thought she was the coolest girl ever,” Danks said. “We were all here coaching camps one night and Jayme, our assistant coach, came running down the ramp and said Mari is committing and it was like a big celebration.” Danks, Carlston and Mignin all agreed Hole is leader on the team and a big part of their success. “The kids love her and she feels really comfortable here,” Carlston said. “She’s just a great student, works hard, just everything across the board. We couldn’t ask for a better person to join our team.” Comfortable is the key word for Hole. Hole said she never felt that way in her two years trying to transition from Norway’s culture to the West Coast culture of Los Angeles and of the U.S. in general. “In Norway since it’s such a small sport, it isn’t a business,” Hole said. “Just to realize how big the sport really is. How much people put into it and how the support system around it is a big difference.” Because of its low popularity in Norway, Hole said volleyball was played more for fun, but now after two years she is used to the system and how it works here. “The more comfortable I get,” she said, “The more confident I get as a player and that’s when I play good.” The biggest challenge Hole still faces in the U.S. is missing her family back in Norway, with whom she is very close. “I love being home, so it’s never fun leaving,” Hole said. “That will probably never get easy, but it’s kind of one of those things when you get th read more

HP EURO 2016 PREDICTION Dutch girls going for the gold

Traditionaly, before every major handball competition, trying to give the best possible prediction of the final result. The first event in the Olympic cycle is always a chance for some new teams to reach valuable results in comparation with those national teams who start with the process of rejuvenation with a clear vision to be among the best before and in Tokyo 2020.FINAL STANDINGS:1. The Netherlands2. Sweden3. Russia4. Norway5. France6. Denmark7. Spain8. Hungary9. Romania10. Poland11. Serbia12. Montenegro————————————13. Croatia14. Germany15. Slovenia16. Czech RepublicPHOTO: Stephane Pillaud, IHF Women’s EHF EURO 2016 ← Previous Story Germans to find new coach – Prokop or Baur? Next Story → PPD Zagreb beat Rhein Neckar Lowen after furious second half! read more

Top readers comments of the week

first_img4. Both number 4 and 5 come from the same article this week – the (seemingly controversial) list of the most beautiful women in the world, which saw Gwyneth Paltrow come out on top. Barry got 974 thumbs up for this…: Some odd choices on that list,5. … while Paul Bracken was close behind with 939 thumbs up for this succinct comment: I’ve seen better looking shopping lists.See any good comments? Tell us about them! Mail with any suggestions for Comments of the Week. EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we like to take a look at all the best comments left on the site by you lot over the past week.This week there was a lot of talk about the battle over abortion legislation, the pay of senior Bank of Ireland executives,  gun ownership in Ireland, paid parental leave, the possibility of a new Croke Park extension deal and the Electric Picnic line-up,So here, in no particular order, are the standout comments from the week that was.The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week1. Lucinda Creighton tells Olivia O’Leary to ‘get a grip’ over abortion issue (361 comments)2. Luis Suarez banned for 10 games for Ivanovic bite (290 comments)3. Reilly: Suicidal pregnant women won’t have to face six-doctor panel (268 comments)4. Boston bomb suspect blames brother (227 comments)5. Government won’t use Bank of Ireland stake to oppose Boucher’s €843k salary (215 comments)Some of the best comments left on the site this weekWhat’s the best bit of bathroom graffiti you’ve ever seen? Daffy the Bear got a lot of thumbs up for spotting this one: Graffiti: “I rode your ma”Underneath (someone wittier): “Go home Da you’re drunk”Did you spot this person pretending to type on an RTE news report?Video: PhilOD/YouTubePadraig Stapleton had been in that situation:Remember working as a graphic designer in a local newspaper… The editor was being interviewed on telly, I was in the background typing away. Problem was my computer screen wouldn’t switch on, couldn’t get it working so had to type while interview being shot with screen switched off!Do you have the willpower to take ‘technology breaks‘? (The fact that you’re probably reading this on a sunny Saturday morning suggests possibly not…). Gaius Gracchus had this story about how he tried (and failed) to put down the smartphone: When we were on holiday in the French countryside last year we drove 40 minutes to a McDonalds we saw on our way from the airport just because they had free wi-fi, only did it once in 2 weeks though! Ok, twice. We didn’t talk to each other for an hour, when we were asked did we want more coffee I scowled at the staff member and said; ‘Excusez-moi! Je lis le Journal.’A study has found that despite everything, Ireland is one of the most optimistic countries in the world. Murphy11 made this point about optimism and austerity: There was an article last year in a german paper partially blaming our optimistic nature on all the austerity we are suffering. In a lot of countries people are saying enough is enough. In response to high unemployment , we get increase taxes as well as new taxes coming on stream. The response we give is ‘ ah sure it could be a lot worse’Get ready to say goodbye to your 1c and 2c coins – it looks like they could gradually be phased out of use over the next few years. The details on how it will work are still unclear – but Marleen Kennedy helpfully explained how the Dutch model works: I’ve no idea how it would work in Ireland but I do know that in Holland the prices in the shop are not rounded up or down to the nearest five cents. The rounding doesn’t happen until all items are added up on check out and then the total will be to the nearest five cents, which means you win as often as you lose up. I’m all for it.One third of people with bipolar disorder are unable to work due to the condition – which sparked off a discussion among commenters about attitudes and experiences of mental illness. Liz Carr made this point: Can you remember any of the most annoying things your teachers used to say? Shadow75 had this story about how he proved one of his teachers wrong in the end:My teacher said I’d never get a job looking out of a window.I ended up working on a ship as a bridge lookout.True story that folksThe 5 most popular comments on the site this week 1. The most popular comment this week came from GrandDame who got more than 2,060 thumbs up for her suggestion for something that would seem totally reasonable – anywhere except Ireland:Not thanking the bus driver2. Next up was RepublicofGoon with 1,277 thumbs up for his thoughts about this year’s Oxegen line-up: so the survivors of the swedish house Mafia gig test their skills in kildare this year. .its like the irish hunger games!3. Bacoxy got 993 and the third most popular comment this week on this observation about annoying things about working in an office: I envy anyone who is lucky enough to do a job they love rather than just pay the bills!center_img Definitely believe that workplaces need to do a hell of a lot more for people suffering with mental illnesses to feel comfortable at work.I don’t have a mental illness but I can completely see why people who do could have anxieties about going to work. There is such a click culture in Irish businesses that it would make any “outsider” uncomfortable and I fully believe its down to management to put an end too.last_img read more

VAR farce cant stop Llorenteinspired Spurs as they eventually hit Rochdale for

first_img 21,743 Views By The42 Team FERNANDO LLORENTE’S HAT-TRICK fired Tottenham into the FA Cup quarter-finals after sealing a 6-1 victory in a fifth-round replay against Rochdale marked by controversial video assistant referee (VAR) deliberations. The Spaniard’s second-half strikes restored the Premier League side’s control of the contest after an opening period that threatened to descend into farce due to a number of dubious refereeing decisions involving VAR.There were lengthy pauses in play while referee Paul Tierney consulted VAR, before disallowing a goal for Erik Lamela after six minutes. A penalty for Spurs was also rescinded.Son Heung-min put Spurs ahead but the League One visitors levelled through Stephen Humphrys and boos rang out around Wembley at half-time as the Spurs fans voiced their frustration amid the confusion.In stark contrast, the second half was a procession for Mauricio Pochettino’s men, who raced ahead through Llorente’s trio of goals before Son, who was influential throughout, added a fifth.Substitute Kyle Walker-Peters scored his first Tottenham goal in injury time to cap off what proved to be an emphatic win.A chaotic first half exploded into life when Tottenham put the ball in the net after six minutes. Son’s cross ricocheted off the legs of Llorente and Lamela stroked the ball past Josh Lillis.Rochdale looked dismayed by the early setback but after a two-minute delay Tierney, having delayed the game to consult VAR, disallowed the goal for a pull on the shirt of visiting defender Harrison McGahey by Llorente in the build-up to the goal.Apparently foul by Llorente, which looks like a ridiculous call #TOTROC #THFC #TottenhamHotspur— Jonah Takalua (@Destaquito2) February 28, 2018 VAR farce can’t stop Llorente-inspired Spurs as they eventually hit Rochdale for six Tottenham romped to a 6-1 victory in their FA Cup replay against Rochdale after a first-half marked by controversial VAR decisions. On the half-hour mark the visitors drew level through Humphrys, who deftly controlled Andrew Cannon’s cross and rounded Michel Vorm before rolling the ball into the bottom right corner of the net.Cannon almost gave the visitors a sensational half-time lead when he crashed a shot onto the post in injury time but the ball bounced clear and Spurs breathed a sigh of relief.Spurs’ nerves were settled within two minutes of the restart when Lucas Moura sailed through Rochdale’s half and slid the ball to Llorente, who skilfully chipped the ball over Lillis and into the empty net from just inside the penalty area.Llorente added his second and Tottenham’s third six minutes later after Moura and Son combined to present him with a simple chance from the edge of the six-yard box and he toe-poked the ball home with his left foot before Lillis could react.Son celebrated LLorente’s second with a cheeky allusion to the VAR system.Unreal from Son doing VAR celebration— Danny Kent (@Danny_Kent96) February 28, 2018 Wednesday 28 Feb 2018, 10:08 PM Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente Short URLcenter_img 27 Comments Share3 Tweet Email Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente Feb 28th 2018, 10:08 PM It was 4-1 just before the hour mark when Son got to the byline and hung the ball up tantalisingly in front of goal with a chipped pass before Llorente nodded it into the net.Unselfish play from Lamela gave Son the easiest of chances six minutes later and he turned the Argentine’s low cross into the unguarded net from three yards out.Lamela rattled the frame of the goal with a curling free-kick in the closing stages but the contest – and Rochdale’s hopes of an upset – had long since ended.There was time for one last memorable moment in the 93rd minute when Walker-Peters scored his first goal for Tottenham, slotting the ball into the bottom left corner from 10 yards out after Dele Alli played him in.Spurs will travel to Swansea for their quarter-final tie on St. Patrick’s Day.- Omni The League One side then hit the post through Matt Done’s low shot but Tottenham’s class began to shine through after 23 minutes when Lamela split the opposition defence before rolling the ball to Son, who rattled the ball into the bottom right corner of the net.Two minutes later Tierney consulted VAR again before awarding Spurs a penalty for a foul by Done on Kieran Trippier, but Rochdale were let off the hook when Son’s spot-kick was ruled out for a feint during the run-up that earned the Korean a yellow card.😱 Delirio rigori in #FaCup! 😵- Il #VAR assegna rigore al #Tottenham ⚽️- Gol di #Son 🇰🇷- Il #VAR annulla il rigore perché Son ha interrotto la corsa ❌- Son non ha la possibilità di ricalciarlo ☝️- Son ammonito 📝— il Romanista (@ilRomanistaweb) February 28, 2018 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

It was just blown up to say that I wanted to declare

first_img Saturday 6 Apr 2019, 12:23 PM By Caoimhin Reilly LINFIELD STRIKER MICHAEL O’Connor has said that he only ever intended to play internationally for the Republic of Ireland.The Dundalk native made his Ireland U21 debut against Luxembourg last month after it was reported by the Belfast Telegraph in December that he had made a decision to declare for the North, who he qualifies for through his Antrim-born grandmother.However, the 20-year-old, whose side are on the verge of clinching Irish Premiership title, insists he explored no options beyond the Boys in Green.“I was never going to change, I played underage all the way up and I was never going to change my mind,” he told The42.“I’m from the Republic and that’s who I want to represent. It was just blown up to say that I wanted to declare for Northern Ireland.” Ireland U21 manager Stephen Kenny. Source: Oisin Keniry/INPHOO’Connor says that he’s pleased to be working under Stephen Kenny again, the Ireland U21 manager who handed him his debut during their spell together at Dundalk in 2016.The forward subsequently moved to Shamrock Rovers and had a spell on-loan at Finn Harps before signing for Linfield at the start of the campaign, a transfer which O’Connor feels has given him the chance to prove himself.Nonetheless, he feels he performs best while working under Kenny.“It was good to be under Stephen again because he brings the best out of me,” O’Connor adds.“I think Stephen, he knows me better than anyone. He signed me at the age of 17, he gave me my debut in the Champions League, my League of Ireland debut and my Ireland U21 debut. Michael O’Connor playing for Dundalk under Stephen Kenny in 2016. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO“He knows me and I think that’s a bonus, but I’m not just going to take it for granted that he’s going to pick me. I want to keep working hard and improving, but Stephen does bring the best out of me, I do know that.A former Ireland U19 star, O’Connor refers to his wearing of the Ireland jersey as a “privilege” and insists there is more to come from the U21s ahead of this summer’s Toulon tournament.“Stephen’s an exciting manager. He plays attacking football that’s really good to watch and that’s what people want, free-flowing football.“The lads adapted to it really quickly as you could see against Luxembourg, I thought we were excellent and we had only been together six or seven days. It just shows how good we could be down the line.“We’re looking really strong and we’ve the Toulon tournament now in June. I’m looking forward to that, hopefully I’m selected for it.” O’Connor with Linfield boss David Healy. Source: Jonathan Porter/INPHOFirst called in by Kenny for February’s training camp, which included all home-based players, the striker has praised the squad’s neat blend of players plying their trade both nationally and abroad.It’s a great experience for lads in the League of Ireland to play with the lads across in England because you can see if you’re far off what’s in England.“It’s a big factor that lads are in and around first teams. You need to be involved with first teams and you can see in training sessions, the likes of myself, Danny Mandriou at Bohs and Trevor Clarke [who are playing first-team level within Ireland], it does really stand to you and it’s something you need to be doing, because you start to get leaders and there is more of a tempo to training.“I’d love to be playing for Liverpool [like Conor Masterson], but if I could choose Liverpool U23s or playing League of Ireland with Dundalk or where I am at Linfield, I’d choose that [the latter] because you really do need to be playing first-team football.”Gavan Casey and Ryan Bailey are joined by Bernard Jackman to look back on a thrilling weekend of European rugby on the latest episode of The42 Rugby Weekly: 43,790 Views Short URL Michael O’Connor in Ireland U21 training last month. Share48 Tweet Email Subscribe Michael O’Connor in Ireland U21 training last month. Image: Bryan Keane/INPHO Image: Bryan Keane/INPHO ‘It was just blown up to say that I wanted to declare for Northern Ireland’ Dundalk native Michael O’Connor made his Republic of Ireland U21 debut against Luxembourg last month. Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloudSubscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: 14 Comments Apr 6th 2019, 8:46 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Hialeah man accused of ransacking 13 cars faces judge

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A Hialeah man accused of ransacking thirteen cars faced a judge, Thursday.Alejandro Gonzalez, 36, faces several charges, including burglary of an unoccupied structure.Gonzalez was arrested after an officer spotted him attempting to burglarize a vehicle, Wednesday.According to police, surveillance video captured Gonzalez ransacking the 13 vehicles parked outside D’Professional Collision Center, near West 16th Avenue and 40th Street in Hialeah.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img