Trumping Donald Trump

first_imgNovember 8 will be a very important day in the history of not only modern American politics but the history of developing countries around the globe.It will be remembered as the day when millions of Americans send a clear message to the world about the type of politics they endorse and the qualities that one must possess in order to lead one of the most polarised yet fluid democracies in the world.The results of this election will no doubt set moral and ethical standards for the future generations of young people who aspire to create positive socioeconomic change, remove barriers and shatter prejudices and stereotypes related to race and sex, and create a space in the globe where equality and religious tolerance abound.So important is this election that we could witness the emergence of a new world agenda and school of thought that either promotes hate or love; tyranny or democracy; racial equality or race inequity; higher levels of religious tolerance and respect amongst diverse peoples or higher levels of race scepticism and untrustworthiness; development fuelled by a homogeneous American populace or a multiethnic and multidiverse populace standing tall on the principles of adult suffrage, affection and warmth as well as human rights.What is most remarkable is that the choice this time round for a person to replace Barack Obama in the Oval Office is simple. Or is it?There are those who would like to make the masses in the American society and by extension the world believe that there are two persons that could be chosen to unite the country and deliver on campaign goals aimed at tightening immigration policies, dealing with veterans and the continued presence of US troops overseas, especially in parts of the Middle East, curbing unemployment and undereducation and reducing graft, among other things. That is not true.There is only one choice and that individual is Hillary Clinton. Despite the continued hysteria, which I believe is misplaced by the way, over her handling of classified information via her private email address while serving as Secretary of State when compared to Republican candidate Donald Trump, she is an angel.Trump over the past year even proved that he could not be trusted and is unfit to be the next president of such a powerful country in global affairs. Can you imagine what Trump’s legacy would have been like and what his impact on world affairs would feel like? Also think about the damage most of his policies related to immigration could have on small-state economies like ours in South America and other developing countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil in Latin America.I have never seen a politician test the fate, patience and tolerance of a voting populace like Trump has over these past few months. It was controversy after controversy and drama after drama, yet his theatrical skills succeeded in blinding the populace into believing that a Trump presidency could actually deliver a better tomorrow.What is far more dangerous is that sections of the American media are engaged in deceitful tactics aimed at normalising flamboyant rants and outbreaks as well as his racist chatter. Gatekeepers cannot allow this to happen as there must be no more politicians of his kind creeping up and seeking to rule on the basis of white supremacy, the colour of their hair, wealth, creed or religion.The US needs a stronger sober-minded and lesser dramatic person to continue the work started by President Obama and I dare say Bill Clinton too. It needs a leader who is just and a poster boy/girl for ethnic and social justice, human rights, equality, ending racism in all forms and a lesser brutish yet reworked immigration policy.America is great not because its people have a monopoly on wealth or technology when compared to other countries in the world. It is great because it provides people from any part of the globe with the opportunity to live a dream, the American dream.This is a dream characterised and most times pursued by Third World immigrants, lower casts of people in various locales, vulnerable groups and those seeking to leave their mark on the world.I cannot see how the same levels of respect and optimism for American culture, politics and ideals can continue to obtain under a Trump presidency given all the disrespectful, shady and morally wrong things he has said and done as well as continue to say and do during his elections campaign.On November 8, Americans must unite to give him a taste of his own high-drama show “The Apprentice”. He must not be given a free pass or keys to the most powerful position in the world.They must Trump Donald Trump and he must forever remember the words “you’re fired” from politics unless you reform, reorganise and rebuild your platform to reflect modern day norms, mores and paradigms.last_img

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