Earth Hour: Is it Time to Virtualize the Electrical Grid?

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Another Earth Hour has passed by this weekend. Electrical systems across the globe were shut down to observe, for an hour, that energy is precious. In this moment, we also acknowledge that as humanity, we have the power to do better for ourselves. One great thing about Earth Hour is the photos. If you haven’t yet, check out the brilliant photo essay at on Earth Hour 2010. If you haven’t taken initiative to shut down your computer yet, read on to get a refresher on how better computing resource utilization creates a better world.Earth Hour Translates to Megahertz The link to energy and efficiency is clearly evident in the data center. Where electricity is bundled in time units, processing is calculated in megahertz. We can see how important the work is at Intel and others (AMD, IBM, Apple) to get higher processing per energy consumption at the core. In the data center, applications and processes drive resources, as well as flows of traffic from users. In a way solving the challenge of energy efficient data centers is where information management and physics collide.Higher utilization is the promise of server virtualization. However, like in many things, scaling up is harder than scaling down. The tricky part is the linkages across the network, storage. These configurations are where further opportunity exists to abstract the workload, infrastructure, and energy to orchestrate a flow of resources that turn off and on when needed. In this way, we wonder, will find ways to connect energy consumption to workload – and cost.Is Energy Social? We see a time in the future where personal computing is a utility, and the plug knows who we are. With smart homes, mobile computing, and personal health records, it has to be so.One thing that struck a note with us about Earth Hour is how easy it is to do locally. All you do is turn off the switch.In California, there is a very lively discussion on automated, or “smart” meters from the default electrical company, PGE. See (some) of the dialog on PGE’s smart meter site on Facebook. On one hand, having computerized meters gives the needed management to observe consumption in real-time and optimize the grid.On the other hand for many users, this type of oversight needs to be tied to consumer privacy and pricing. As shown with Earth Hour, there is an important social component and to giving back to the world, not just the shareholders. People question the intentions of a monopoly and as people we seem to get a better win with a simple, “Turn it Off” where we get a chance to contribute by ourselves.For us, Earth Hour represents people rallying for the future. Around the world, from Sidney to Singapore, Buenos Aires to Boston people are doing it because we are a people – not to support the systems. Here’s to hoping that someday we can all check in to Earth Hour in a way that turns off our gear, lights, and grids – if only for a moment. Location Matters. Huddling Up to Where its Warm Oregon’s has a lot of natural resources. From salmon, honey, and redwoods, to mobile technology, the state is blossoming like spring. One interesting trend are the massive data centers popping up out of the ground (like Facebook and Google) that have been placed close to energy resources. In several small towns in Oregon, modern high-density computing environments are being deployed next to the oldest technology for generating power, the dam. These services show that tariff’s and pricing do matter when it comes to energy and how it converts to the bottom line to the leaders in cloud computing.Computing Matters: A Few Green Guides Resources to ConsiderIntel: Seeing the Sensitivity of Server Refresh is an Intel internal review of ROI of pulling in newest versions of server technology and doing technology refreshes. Density does matter.VMware: This energy efficiency analysis walks us though the concepts of energy efficiency by pooling servers as virtual resources. The Gartner quote below us how serious energy is ties to computing costs. “Gartner estimates that over the next 5 years, most enterprise data centers will spend as much on energy (power and cooling) as they do on hardware infrastructure.” Even if all of the technology was free, energy would still a very significant expense in running a data center operation. VMware also shows that energy saving can be viral, or can expand into other areas of the corporate environment.Earth Hour is a Question, Not an AnswerOne of the best aspects of Earth Hour is that we know it won’t work for the real-time web. We aren’t ready to shut down the Internet, or data center. Instead, as technology leaders, we may be able to design systems that react and become more efficient. With time, perhaps the Internet at large will “go dark” for an hour or so per year in celebration.For us, Earth hour was a trigger to consider the impacts of energy and look at it as a system, instead of a free resource. We compiled a few questions for enterprise managers considering how to tie global movement and questions into the day job:Earth Hour has a .9% difference in the electrical grid in some areas. We know virtualization offers more. What number are you using in your enterprise for virtualization energy savings?How long will it take for electrical grids and computing grids merge? Will it happen in our lifetime?Would your company be able to take down your network down for an hour with the flip of a switch? What part of the infrastructure would you be the most concerned about?How high of a priority is it for your organization to reduce it’s energy footprint?Photo credits: demorganna & xshamx Tags:#Analysis#cloud#Virtualization Related Posts mike kirkwoodcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

The Jets Are Bad But Are They 016 Bad

When receiver Quincy Enunwa suffered a season-ending neck injury recently, the number of NFL-caliber receivers on the New York Jets’ active roster dropped from one to zero.Taken together, the Jets’ top five remaining wideouts — Robby Anderson, Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, Chris Harper and Frankie Hammond — average 1.4 years of NFL experience, 18.6 career receptions and 223.8 receiving yards.The Jets have arguably the worst quarterback group in the NFL, an offensive line that lost its left tackle (Ryan Clady) and center (Nick Mangold) from last season’s 5-11 squad, and a pass defense that last year ranked 31st in Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA). With games scheduled against teams from the stacked AFC West and NFC South divisions, it’s no wonder that people are saying the Jets are headed for an 0-16 season.But a winless season takes more than a terrible roster; it also takes terrible luck.The 2008 Detroit Lions are the only NFL team to go winless in the NFL’s 37 years of 16-game regular seasons.1The NFL adopted a 16-game schedule in 1978, but strikes in 1982 and 1987 caused those seasons to be shortened. Last season’s Cleveland Browns came pretty close — making it to 0-14 before picking up their only win in dramatic fashion in Week 16. The 2008 Lions and 2016 Browns have something else in common: The numbers say their results were profoundly’s “expected wins” calculation measures what a team’s record should have been based on how many points it scored and allowed. It’s a simple formula that essentially assumes that a team’s close wins and losses should balance out. And it turns out that assumption is mostly right: Deviations between a team’s actual and expected records have a tendency to evaporate across seasons.According to expected wins, the 2008 Lions should have had 2.8 wins and the 2016 Browns should have had 3.5. In fact, only 11 teams have finished a 16-game season with one or no wins — and those teams averaged 3.0 expected wins. In other words, teams that flirt with zero wins usually have the talent to win a few more games, but they also catch a lot of (bad) breaks, losing more often than could reasonably be expected from the way they played.So if 0-16 is partly bad luck — which we can’t really predict — and partly bad talent, how do the Jets stack up in the latter department? Let’s start with the 2016 version of the team and then compare it with the four teams since the 2002 realignment that have won zero or one games: the 2007 Miami Dolphins, 2008 Lions, 2009 St. Louis Rams and 2016 Browns. We’ll focus on two power ratings: PFR’s Simple Rating System (SRS), which adjusts a team’s scoring margin for the strength of its opponents, and DVOA, which measures how well (or in this case, poorly) a team plays on a per-play basis. The 2016 Jets scored 17.2 points per game, more than each of the four one- and zero-win teams did. Last season’s Jets also allowed 25.6 points per game, fewer than any of the four. The Jets posted an SRS of -8.5 — awful, but better than all but the 2007 Dolphins among our list of possibly comparable teams. The 2016 Jets had 4.5 expected wins, also the highest among the group. DVOA was less kind — the Jets’ -32.4 percent is worse than the 2016 Browns’ -30.4 percent and well below that of the 2007 Dolphins’ -21.4 percent.By these measures, the 2016 Jets were at least as good as, if not significantly better than, all the one- and zero-win squads of this era.So the Jets were bad last season, but they weren’t 0-16 bad. Knowing nothing else, that means they’d have to have a ton of bad luck to go winless this season — or they would need to suffer a disastrous offseason.But when it comes to offseason talent gains and losses, the Jets arguably held steady: Free-agent tackle Kelvin Beachum was brought in to offset the loss of Clady, and free-agent cornerback Morris Claiborne was signed to replace Darrelle Revis, who was released. With their first two draft picks, the Jets selected safeties, bolstering their pass defense with Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.It wasn’t all positive, of course — these are the Jets, after all. The team tried to address the free-agency loss of top wideout Brandon Marshall by drafting pass-catchers with their next three picks. But middle-round wide receivers ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen and tight end Jordan Leggett almost certainly won’t replace the production of Marshall, a six-time Pro Bowler, let alone Enunwa’s.The Jets’ air attack is likely to be less effective in 2017 than it was in 2016, even if the motley trio of Josh McCown, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg can combine to be better than the Jets’ league-worst quarterback corps (67.6 team passer rating) from 2016.But for the Jets not to win a single game this season, their 2017 offense will have to be far less effective than the 2016 version, their defense even weaker — and their on-field luck much, much worse. So take heart, Jet fans: Even with the worst team in football, 0-16 is a tough feat to pull off. read more

Hasselbaink backs Sarri at Chelsea

first_imgThe former Chelsea footballer believes Maurizio Sarri can still do well in the English Premier League.Chelsea started the 2018-2019 English Premier League season with a bang, winning 12 consecutive matches.But then they fell into a slump, and have struggled recently to pick up points.The Blues are currently in the fourth position of the standings with 50 points, seven behind third-place Tottenham Hotspur and 12 behind second and first place, Liverpool and Manchester City respectively.And for Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, a former Chelsea striker, boss Maurizio Sarri can still lead the team to greatness.“I think the criticism is a little unfair towards him, he had a really good start to the season,” Hasselbaink told Sky Sports News.“You need to give him the time, it’s only six or seven months that he’s been in the building, so you need to give him the time and you need to give him the trust.”“He’s put Kante in a different position because he sees that position in a different way and that’s where it (the criticism) started,” he added.“Whatever you say, Kante’s the best defensive midfield player at winning the ball back, so that has raised eyebrows.”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.The ex-Netherlands international played for Chelsea from 2000 to 2004, scoring 70 goals in 136 matches.He also played for Telstar, AZ, Campomaiorense, Boavista, Leeds United, Atletico Madrid, Middlesbrough, Charlton Athletic, and Cardiff City.And now he’s a coach, having managed Royal Antwerp, Burton Albion, Queens Park Rangers, and Northampton Town.“He believes in playing football in a certain way and that is dominating the ball in possession,” the 46-year-old continued talking about Sarri.“That’s how he believes Chelsea is eventually going to win titles and cups.”’I want to see him happy.’— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) February 8, 2019last_img read more

Local Legislators Talk Possible Second Special Session

first_imgRepresentative Sarah Vance: “There’s many of us in the House minority, the House Republicans, who believe we can accomplish the work now. The operating budget could have been completed before the 120 days expired, but because people were holding out for what they want they did not move it. There was not any new things done this week that could not have been done prior.” KSRM News spoke with each of our local legislators on Tuesday, and none of them seemed optimistic that the Legislature will be able to find agreement prior to the end of the first special session on Friday. Representative Gary Knopp: “A second special session to address the capital budget and the PFD is really what I think needs to happen. We’re just out of time. We can’t pass a capital budget now and expect the Senate to rubber stamp it and concur, and no time to conference it. That is my belief. Unless something strange happens, I think that’s what needs to happen. We are simply out of time.”  The Senate unanimously passed the Fiscal Year 2020 operating budget during a floor session on Monday.  The Alaska House of Representatives passed the same operating budget on Sunday which does not include a PFD. Representative Ben Carpenter: “It is a possibility if the House Majority fails to act in the next three days on a capital budget then we would have to go into a second special session in order to have a capital budget. We are at the mercy of people who are not thinking logically. I do not understand why we can’t do the job the state has asked us to do in a timely manner.” center_img Senator Peter Micciche: “We unfortunately clearly need another special session to settle the PFD issue. Although half of us, including me, in the Senate voted for a $3,000 PFD and tried to get it back into the budget yesterday we couldn’t get an 11th vote. At this time the House has not made any kind of a definitive statement on a dividend. A legislative session should be over in 90 days, 110 at the most, unfortunately the House was late to organize. We had to pass a budget and send it to the governor so that the process can continue on an operating budget, and so he has opportunity to veto what he believes is right.”  Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Lawmakers won’t be packing their bags anytime soon amid a looming second special session, where they’re expected to reach a compromise on two major issues… the PFD and a capital budget. House and Senate leaders expect the budget bill, HB 39, to be ready for Governor Mike Dunleavy’s review within three days. The vote averts a government shutdown and allows state services to continue with the next fiscal year beginning July 1.last_img read more

Who Was Responsible for Latest Black Friday

first_imgIt was a rough Friday for a pair of high-profile (if quirky) consumer magazines. Radar, Maer Roshan’s irreverent, Spy-baiting magazine folded for the third time. A few hours later, 02138—the “Harvard lifestyle” title acquired in May by Manhattan Media, a publisher with big plans for relaunching it and rolling out a series of similar magazines—folded, too.Searching for the common denominator to the latest iteration of “Black Friday”? I mean, aside from the volatile economy? You could do a lot worse than Ron Burkle [above, right] the elusive billionaire head of Yucaipa Cos., owner of Source Interlink, pal to former president Bill Clinton and supermarket magnate.Burkle, who owns Source Interlink, the magazine distribution company and owner of Primedia’s remaining portfolio, was rumored to have a strong interest in acquiring American Media Inc., publisher of such supermarket friendly titles as Star and the National Enquirer—so much so that it was said to be a “done deal” at the beginning of 2008. But the sale fizzled, and AMI was pulled off the block, at least publicly. Burkle, who was vaulted into the tabloid media spotlight for his role in a New York Post payola scandal, was also known to be a silent investor in Radar, which despite folding its print product, was able to salvage its Web site for AMI to buy.What’s that? Burkle’s too much an enigma to have orchestrated this triangulated deal? Like the Atlantic, I would ask you to Think. Again.Burkle, of course, had nothing to do with the demise of 02138. But there is one figure associated with both Radar and 02138: Luke Hayman. The Pentagram partner and renowned magazine designer redesigned Radar (Roshan had retained Hayman as a design consultant) and had just completed a redesign of 02138—which I called the “most expensive regional relaunch in the history of magazines.”Design, of course, had little or nothing to do with the failure of these magazines. Then again, Hayman’s not cheap, and his redesigns were never going to be able to save either magazine.NOTE: Click here to watch a recent video interview we did with Hayman…last_img read more

Daily Shokaler Khobor shut down temporarily

first_imgShokaler KhoborThe print edition of daily Shokaler Khobor was shut down ‘temporarily’ on Thursday.Mehnaj Kabir, chief marketing and communication officer of Rangkan Holdings Limited which owns the daily, said, “We had decided to publish the newspaper in 2009. But, the media house has failed to make profit. Thus, we have decided to shut down the print edition of the newspaper.”“Despite the loss, we continued running the project with subsidy. We even tried to sell the ownership, but to no avail.”He also said a committee, formed in this regard, has started working to look into what can be done with the newspaper.The daily’s journalists and other employees will be given their dues as per 8th Wage Board within 25 September, he added.A journalist, on condition of anonymity, said there were more than 300 journalists and employees in the media house.The authorities said their jobs will remain effective till 30 September.last_img read more

Bangladesh secretariat now smokefree

first_imgEvery year, the consumption of tobacco kills 57,000 people and cripples 3.82 lakh others while another 4.20 crore people fall victims to passive smoking. Mentioning that the rules and regulations formulated in 2015 and tobacco control taskforces set up at the national, district and upazila levels for implementation of the law, it said the law is not being implemented properly for lack of necessary directives of the authorities concerned. Citing the ‘Global Adult Tobacco Survey- 2009’, the letter mentioned that at least 43.3 per cent population of the country use tobacco products as Bangladesh is among the top tobacco consuming countries in the world. Declaring Bangladesh secretariat a smoke-free zone, the cabinet division has asked the secretaries of all the ministries to make sure that no one smokes in the country’s administrative hub, reports UNB. Talking to UNB on Monday, Serajul said the cabinet division in response to their request issued a letter asking all the secretaries to keep the secretariat free from smoking. “It’s possible to make the secretariat smoke-free if all the secretaries take effective measures as per the directive of the cabinet secretary,” he said. Mentioning that the National Tobacco Control Cell (NTCC) under the health ministry is working to cut the consumption of tobacco to the zero level, the health services division secretary said smoking will be eliminated from all the offices if the secretariat, the administrative hub, effectively implements the tobacco control law.center_img In the letter, the Health Ministry had sought the cabinet Secretary’s steps to declare the Secretariat a smoke-free area, his directives for all ministries to ensure a smoke-free atmosphere in all subordinate offices and hang warning notices, ban the sale of tobacco products inside the secretariat and strengthen and make visible the mobile court drives. The letter also said the government enacted the Smoking and TobaccoProducts Usage (Control)Act, 2005 which was amended in 2013. As part of prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s announcement to bring the tobacco consumption to a zero level by 2040, health services division secretary Serajul Huq Khan made the request in a letter sent to the cabinet secretary M Shafiul Alam on 2 October. The division has sent the copies of a letter to all the secretaries recently asking them to implement the directive issued following a request made by the health and family welfare ministry.last_img read more

Exminister M Shamsul Islam passes away

first_imgFormer information minister M Shamsul Islam. Photo: UNBFormer information minister M Shamsul Islam died at a city hospital on Thursday, reports UNB. He was 87.Shamsul Islam, also a former BNP standing committee member, breathed his last at United Hospital at 1:40pm, said his personal secretary Kamrul Hasan.He said the former minister had been receiving treatment at the hospital for various old-age complications since 17 April.He is survived by two sons and a host of relatives and admirers to mourn his death.The BNP leader’s first namaz-e-janaza was held at Gulshan Azad Mosque after Magrib prayers, and then his body was kept at United Hospital mortuary.Shamsul Islam’s second janaza will be held at 9:00am on Friday at the South Plaza of Parliament Complex, while the third one in front of BNP’s Naya Paltan central office at 10.00am.From Naya Paltan, his body will be taken to his village home in Munshiganj.He will be buried at his family graveyard at Tinsuri in Sadar upazila following his fourth janaza there after Jum’a prayers.Born on 1 January 1932, Islam joined BNP’s politics right after its formation. He was appointed Bangladesh high commissioner to Indonesia in 1979.He was elected MP thrice with BNP’s tickets in 1991, 1996 and 2001 from his home constituency.When BNP formed government in 1991, he was first made state minister for post and telecommunications and then food minister.Later, he performed as both the food and the information minister from 1993 to 1996.He was first made land minister during BNP’s rule in 2001 and later given the charge of the information ministry.last_img read more

Houston Officer Relieved Of Duty After Deadly Narcotics Raid

first_imgJorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUT NewsHPD Chief Art Acevedo is urging the public to let the internal investigation that HPD is conducting “take its proper course and proceed to conclusion.”At least one of the narcotics officers involved in a search warrant that ended up in a shootout last week has been relieved of duty, the Houston Police Officers’ Union said Thursday. The officer is not one of five that were wounded in the raid. The HPOU said in a statement the relief of duty is “due to ongoing questions that cannot be answered until the case agent is interviewed.” The police union added that HPD “made the decision to relieve the officer of duty while a thorough investigation continues.” According to union officials, nearly all officers who are relieved of duty return to work after an investigation is completed. HPD Chief Art Acevedo also released a statement and said there is a lot of “speculation” about the circumstances of the shootout and urged the public to let the internal investigation that HPD is conducting “take its proper course and proceed to conclusion.” The statement said the department will report its findings at the conclusion of the investigation, rather than releasing information “piecemeal” as the case proceeds.Social media posts have fueled speculation about the circumstances surrounding the raid and subsequent shootout. Union officials tried to dispel those rumors, stating officers were not on the wrong street. The search warrant that led to the raid showed officers had reason to believe large quantities of heroin and guns were inside the house.Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement prosecutors with the Civil Rights Division are working with HPD “to look at every aspect of this incident.” The policy of the DA’s office dictates that every shooting by a police officer is presented to a grand jury to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.EDITOR’s NOTE: The original version of this story erroneously reported the HPD officer who was relieved of duty is one of four that were wounded by gunfire during the raid. This story has been corrected.You can read the statement released by the HPOU here: Sharelast_img read more