South Carolina Adds Second Member to Senate Armed Services

first_imgRepublican leaders have added Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) to the Senate Armed Services Committee for the second session of the 115th Congress, making South Carolina the second state, along with Nebraska, to have two members on the panel. Scott, who is taking the seat vacated by Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), will serve alongside his state’s senior senator, Lindsey Graham (R), reported Defense News. The Democratic lineup for the committee will not change this year. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img

Fiji Water Girl at Golden Globes Ive been photobombing since I was

first_imgHer water work lit a fire: a spokesperson for Twitter reports there were more than 50,000 tweets about Cuthbert on Sunday night. And she also helped the water company earn more than $12 million in ad impressions, marketing analytics firm Apex Marketing Group told Yahoo Finance.Should her newfound celeb status lead to acting roles or other opportunities, she’s willing to dive in. “It’s hard to say where (the viral fame) will lead,” Cuthbert said. Share your voice She also has a favorite meme of the ones she’s appeared in. It’s the one that proclaims, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” And she says it might encourage her not to neglect her own dressing up in the future. But since she didn’t have access to social media as she circulated the red carpet, Cuthbert, now widely dubbed “Fiji Water Girl,” didn’t realize she was becoming perhaps the first meme of 2019 until her work was nearly done. “I had no idea until right as people were trickling in (to the awards show),” she told me. Attendees had been showing her the social-media buzz building on their own phones, but Cuthbert says she “didn’t understand the scope” of her viral fame. 2019 movies to geek out over TV and Movies Online La star de la soirée des #GoldenGlobes ne sera ni Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Lady Gaga ou Jim Carrey, mais est d’ores et déjà la serveuse FIJI Water qui prend la pose sur le tapis rouge derrière les acteur.rice.s.— CinéCinéphile (@CineCinephile) January 7, 2019 Photobomber to the stars is kind of a natural role for her. “I’ve been photobombing since I was a kid,” she said with a laugh. “My family … we’re all a bunch of hams.”She does have a favorite photo of the many she appeared in Sunday: It’s the one where she appears behind actor and comedian Jim Carrey. She remembers the moment, but notes that like all her photobombs, it went by “super fast. It’s a split second. [The actors] are all on a mission.” 1 More from the Golden Globes Though Cuthbert looked beautiful, she didn’t have a stylist to fix her hair and makeup. In fact, she set her alarm to get up early and get ready, then rethought things and slept in.”No one’s really going to be looking at me,” she remembers telling herself. Only millions, it turns out.  We’re so glad everyone is talking about our water! *senses ominous presence* She’s right behind us, isn’t she? #FIJIwatergirl— FIJI Water (@FIJIWater) January 7, 2019 Fiji Girl makes meme splash with Golden Globes photobombs Amazon doesn’t have the prime night it hoped for Macaulay Culkin tweets like brother’s nomination is a shock That’s Kelleth Cuthbert and her water tray in the background making a splash as actor Idris Elba, his fiance Sabrina Dhowre and his daughter Isan Elba smile for the cameras at Sunday’s Golden Globes. Stefanie Keenan Kelleth Cuthbert says she would’ve spent a little more time on her hair and makeup Sunday had she known she was about to become the biggest meme of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.Cuthbert, a model in her early 30s originally from Toronto, was actually one of four Fiji Water “ambassadors” assigned to work the awards show. Wearing a deep-blue Marchesa Notte gown “exactly the color of the Fiji Water bottlecap,” she said Monday, she circulated with a tray of water bottles, instructed to keep the celebrities hydrated. It wasn’t that Cuthbert (“Kelleth” is an old high-school nickname for “Kelly”) lucked out and nabbed a prime spot over the other water ambassadors. It was pure chance that she was the one of the four who landed in so many photographs, she told me by phone from Los Angeles, where she now lives.  Tags Comment What we know about the Disney+ streaming service: It’s getting ready to rival Netflix.Netpicks: What’s on your favorite video streaming sites around the web. This is what it means to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. @FIJIWater Fiji water girl…You go girl!— Daniela Corrente (@danicorrente) January 7, 2019 77 Photoslast_img read more

Throwback When a legendary actor called Dileep the most cunning person in

first_imgDileepDileep/FacebookDileep, the Janapriya Nayakan of Mollywood, is now enjoying the success of his latest movie ‘Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel’. Even after facing a setback after his alleged involvement in the actress abduction case, the actor is still enjoying peak acceptance among family audiences. And the recent success of ‘Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel’ is an indication of Dileep’s unquestionable star power.At this juncture, we recollect a moment where Thilakan, one of the legendary actors in Mollywood, called Dileep the most cunning personality in the Malayalam film industry. During those times, a cold war was apparently going on between Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) and director Vinayan. Despite continuous warnings, Thilakan acted in a movie directed by Vinayan, and this compelled AMMA to impose an unofficial ban on the veteran star.Thilakan who is a drama artist by profession, then claimed that he will lead his life by acting in stages. He also added that no associations have the right to deny the job of an actor. The actor even called Dileep a shrewd personality and made it clear that AMMA is being controlled by a mafia.Later, in interaction with Manorama News, Dileep had said that he respected Thilakan to the core. The ‘CID Moosa’ actor also recollected a moment where he shouted at Thilakan. As per Dileep, Thilakan came to a meeting conducted by AMMA with police protection, and on the same day, he abused Mammootty. Dileep claimed that Mammootty cried a lot after this incident, and seeing this, he shouted at Thilakan.It should be also noted that director Vinayan had earlier revealed that Dileep is such a man who always aims to seek vengeance and revenge on his opponents.When Dileep was involved in the actress abduction case, several social media users had spread Thilakan’s words about Dileep on Facebook and Twitter, and many people claimed that it is the curse of Thilakan’s soul which made Dileep fall in the legal trap.last_img read more

RBI not in favour of governments move to cut card payment charges

first_imgThe Reserve Bank of India has flagged its concerns over the government’s move to cut debit card charges for pushing digital transactions, saying it would make the whole business model unsustainable.According to an Economic Times report, the central bank argued that any cut in transaction charges should take into account the cost considerations of the bank and other payment service providers.Last week, a cabinet minister along with senior government functionaries had suggested that the merchant discount rate (MDR) – the rate charged to a merchant by a bank for providing card services – should be reduced substantially or be completely abolished till March next year.However, RBI Deputy Governor R Gandhi voiced his concerns regarding any such move. “Mr Gandhi said that any reduction in charge has to be done keeping in mind the cost considerations for banks. The government is keen to significantly lower charges for transactions below Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 where charges vary from 75 to 100 basis points,” the report quoted unnamed sources as saying.Further, any possibility of reducing transaction charges in small towns was also discussed by the government and the RBI, the report said.India has 74 crore debit cards and 2.7 crore credit cards in circulation and the total value of transactions through the point-of-sale (PoS) terminals are Rs 21,225 crore and Rs 29,866 crore a month, respectively. Experts said a drastic cut in charges would provide little incentive to banks for installing PoS devices and would hamper the government’s push to make India a less-cash economy.Earlier, reports suggested that banks would lose around Rs 1,000 crore of fee income owing to the decision to waive off fees on card transactions till December 31, 2016, after demonetisation.last_img read more

Shahid Kapoor on unfair criticism of Kabir Singh First time in movies

first_imgShahid Kapoor in Kabir SinghTwitterDirector Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh had been at the receiving end of harsh criticism from film reviewers ever since the movie was released in theatres. Film reviewers blasted out at Kabir Singh calling it misogynist and a full show of acts of toxic masculinity. There were hardly any reviews of Kabir Singh which talked about its brilliant onscreen performances – lead and supporting cast, screenplay, dialogues, comic timing and music. But Kabir Singh braved the critics’ storm and went on to become one of the highest grossing movies in Bollywood.Kabir Singh has collected over Rs 275 crore at the Indian box office till date and is still running in theatres successfully. And now that the storm upon Kabir Singh has passed, Shahid Kapoor, who played the titular role in the film, has spoken about the unfair criticism of his film.”Reviewers didn’t talk about the music of the film, the performances, screenplay, dialogues, NOTHING. My point is ‘Do your job!’ That’s what you are supposed to do. Of course, you have 10 min window to express your views, spend 5 mins ranting and saying ‘this is a rubbish film’. No problem. But spend 5 mins giving dignity to one year of work that people have done. You have spent 10 mins on the film, that’s your job. Somebody has spent an year. Can you not acknowledge it? Can you not address it?” Shahid Kapoor told Bollywood Hungama in an interview.And made a statement by adding, “That’s why people have gotten angry with them and that is why for the first time in movies that I remember, the reviewers have been reviewed by the audience.”Addressing the grinding criticism on Kabir Singh, Shahid said that, Kabir, cannot be called anti-woman just because he slapped Preeti (Kabir’s ladylove played by Kiara Advani). He said that Kabir had problem with everyone – his father, his brother, his grandmother, his friends, his colleagues including himself.”If Kabir hadn’t slapped Preeti (Kiara’s character), would everything else that he did be okay? Because he slapped the girl, you feel that is unacceptable and that Kabir Singh is an unacceptable character. We want you to feel this is unacceptable, his behaviour has gone beyond control,” Shahid said.last_img read more

Emory United Methodist Church Starts New Chapter

first_imgNew Emory United Methodist Church Beacon CenterA beautiful historic church stands on a hill overlooking Georgia Avenue at Quackenbos Street in Northwest Washington. Its doors are locked, and a raze permit is duct-taped to the front entrance.Raze is a fancy word for destruction.Emory United Methodist Church, has been a part of Washington’s Brightwood neighborhood since 1833, and now is in its transition season.When the current building, which was built in 1922, is torn down in the next few weeks, a new structure will take its place. Slated for completion next fall, the $44 million project will be called the Beacon Center. The new building will include a 99-unit affordable housing complex with permanent supportive housing for those in emergency situations, transitional housing for those looking for a permanent home, and permanent residency for seniors and people who want to live in the district but cannot afford to.The Rev. Joseph Daniels, pastor of Emory, said the new church and development is designed around the surrounding area’s needs. The vision for the new facility grew from one-on-one meetings with business owners, police, local school teachers, and Brightwood residents, Daniels said.“We’ve always been a community church,” he said.  “So, we spent several years asking the community what they want to see in Brightwood. What do they want Brightwood to become? And what we kept hearing over and over again was affordable housing.”Current Emory United Methodist ChurchHousing is a serious issue in Brightwood, Daniels said.  So, part of the idea for the center came from a desire to lead people from homelessness to permanent residency, he said.The Beacon Center will also include a multipurpose worship, theater, and concert space and two additional commercial spaces. “We’re still doing our market research on what would be better in that space,” said Hazel Broadnax, president of the Emory Beacon of Light Inc., the church’s non-profit community development organization. “But we do know that this community and our church members all are in favor of having a sit-down restaurant. There’s a shortage of that in our part of Georgia Avenue.”Until the Beacon Center is completed, the church will be worshiping at the Brightwood Education Campus for the 8:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. services, and Bridges Academy at 1 p.m.Janice Harmon, a church member, sees this as a season for growth, and an opportunity for the congregation to understand the true meaning of community. “It takes you out of that box which people think is church, and puts you square in the middle of what church really is, which is the community and caring for others,” she said.Despite the good that the Beacon Center will do for the community, one issue still remains — the history. “Ward 4, in that particular area, is historical,” said Acqunetta Anderson, a member of the ward 4A Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “That is the area where the civil war soldiers were protecting the interests of the District of Columbia. Even president Lincoln was shot at on the Walter Reed Campus. We have the fort right in the back of Emory. So we want to make sure that historical aspect is protected.”The history will not be erased completely. According to Broadnax, the columns in the front of the church and its  winding stairs will be preserved amidst all the other changes. But principally, it will be a new structure.“We do miss the old edifice,” Daniels said. “There’s something about it that will always be very much a part of our hearts.  Yes, there’s nostalgia, but there is the excitement that this new thing is happening and that it’s going to bless multitudes of people, which is great.”last_img read more