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first_img‘Work-Life-Balance’. Yes, it’s the new dreaded buzz-word for Pampered Whitey Staffs.No, no, Blog! Don’t encroach on them. Don’t impose yourself by asking them to go that extra yard, stretch their minds, or actually produce anything (except, of course, social-commentary as to what you, and others, should be doing (for them and on their behalf)).They’re so ‘Balanced’, (Holy), and walk around with such superiority, they can never ACTUALLY get that good at anything (as it might impose even on their own ‘Balance’). But Blog, you wait, it’s lucky that Not-Staffs have no problems and we never need anyone to help us. No, no! As you believe me, in the EXACT MOMENT they have something go wrong, they present a Mensa level knowledge, as to all the ways they are ‘entitled’ to your immediate assistance. And like the Mafia, they move forward together, with a knowing and secret language amongst each other.I HOPE (in a castle protected by a moat) ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO ESCAPE FROM THE WORK-LIFE-BALANCE MAFIA!In other news:The Royal Standard, 8-9 Sale Place, Paddington, W2 1PH. A pub that has enjoyed a full refurb under new ownership. Effort galore and good service. A decent burger and chips but the chicken-wings should be taken off the menu immediately. Did the job but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again. 6Over and out, B xlast_img

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