WISH GRANTED Sick kids get special day on the water

first_img It was a big day for him.“I’ve always loved being out on the water. I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist and seeing the dolphins. On my side there was a little baby dolphin that jumped up and it was so majestic and cool,” Owens said.There were waves of happiness as Owens got the chance to take a break from his reality. He’s one of 22 kids who live their lives in and out of hospitals.Related Article: For $2,800, you can be buried in a fishing boat casket“Children like David, they spend so much time in the hospital they have lost so much of their friends, they don’t get to do that social interaction. So these type of events give them the opportunity to just reach out and interact with children their age and people their age. And just be normal regular kids,” Candy Williams, Owen’s mother, said.For the second year in a row, the United Special Sportsman Alliance has taken families with children battling life-threatening illnesses fishing in Southport.“His tumor is very rare so there’s not a tumor protocol for him. So we just keep trying different treatments until, you know, we find something that works,” Williams said.Owens was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at 14. It spread to his spine. Events like this not only give kids like Owens a break, but it also gives volunteers a new perspective.“It changed my life. You know, you’re taking kids that this is their wish of theirs to come fish. And it just takes the smallest, well for us it could take the biggest problems, and make it seem so small cause you know when you see these kids out here having a good time it changes so many things for you,” Melissa Fineman, a volunteer, said.A simple day on the water is one Owens will cherish forever.“It’s so nice on the water that I just want to be there forever,” Owens said.Each of the 22 kids and their family members had their very own boat. United Special Sportsman Alliance has granted nearly 12,000 wish trips nationwide. SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Fishing is something that most of us can do everyday. We live on the coast. It’s easy. But for some, fishing is a dream and dozens of kids with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses had their dream come true.“I did catch some fishes, big ones,” 19 year old, David Owens said.- Advertisement – last_img

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