Item duplication exploit forces Diablo III servers offline in Asia

first_imgDiablo III is currently unplayable if you are attempting to connect to one of Blizzard’s servers across Asia. That’s because some gamers figured out how to start duplicating items.Blizzard has reacted by shutting off access to its servers while they figure out how gamers were exploiting the game to make additional items and then must produce a fix to stop it happening again. The good news for Blizzard is that the real-money auction house has yet to be launched, so at least no one managed to generate some serious cash by producing and selling high value items.Having the ability to stop everyone playing the game due to the always-connected DRM is definitely a positive in situations like this. However, it doesn’t stop the situation being any less frustrating for gamers unaware of the issue and just trying to login to play the game they paid for.The real-money auction house has already been delayed once as a patch was being prepared to solve a number of issues. Security has also been increased ahead of the launch with Blizzard announcing a Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator will be required to add to your Balance in the future.Blizzard is currently facing a potentially very expensive round of refunds in Korea following hundreds of complaints about the game not working at launch and refusing to issue players with refunds upon request.For the moment there is no ETA as to when the Diablo III servers will come back online for Asia.Read more at Eurogamer.netlast_img

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