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first_imgMany of the projects I see on Kickstarter seem interesting, but all to often they crumble under investigation. The thought of sponsoring a product makes one feel like it should be perfect, like just the thing you’ve always wanted. If something doesn’t measure up to that standard, then why go through with sponsorship and waiting for it to hit the target amount (if it ever does)? Occasionally something like the Glif comes along and it’s exactly what you had in mind. Then you get a chance to play a small role in something extremely cool.The Pen Type-A is my latest Kickstarter love, and one that is OK to get excited about because it has hit its funding goal. For the project two Brooklyn-based designers made a very cool pen, or rather a bomb-proof stainless steel body for the popular Pilot Hi-Tec-C pen cartridge. The Hi-Tec-C is known for its thin tip and light touch, but unless you get the fancy metal version you have to use the standard flimsy plastic body. The Pen Type-A, as seen above, moves to machined steel that fits into a stout, 2.6 ounce steel housing that acts as a cap. The square part won’t roll away, has a ruler etched onto the side, and delivers a wonderful “pop” when the precision-machined inner piece slides from it.AdChoices广告The pen will eventually sell for $99 but through Kickstarter backers can get it for $50. As of posting the project had raised more than $80,000, over 30 times the $2500 goal, which will make for an initial run of over 1600 pens. There are 24 days to go and word is still spreading, which has me a bit worried about how long it will take for these to be produced. Just like a rampant Groupon deal, it seems possible that unexpected success could become even more of  a problem than falling short of a set goal. The projects founders have three weeks to figure it out so hopefully they’ll have some way of expanding capacity past their original 50 pen goal (presumeably they would have marked the pens as “Sold Out” if they did’t).So if you want an cleanly designed, indestructible housing for a highly regarded, very affordable pen cartridge than this is your chance. You can be pretty sure you won’t see anyone else at the office with one of these.Learn more about the Pen Type-A or order one at Kickstarter.last_img

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