The Sale of Sex Dolls in Morocco is a Hoax

Rabat – The rumor about the sale of sex dolls in Casablanca’s Derb Omar have quickly spread throughout Morocco and elsewhere, only to turn out to be a mere hoax.Several social media users have shared photos of sex dolls in commerce groups on Facebook. Moroccan social media users’ reaction oscillated between shock, denunciation and laughter at the joke.Soon the recurrences of these posts made the joke seem convincing, creating a massive controversy in the Internet.The Moroccan Arabic-speaking news outlet Kifache interviewed the chairman of Derb Omar Traders in Casablanca, Abderrazak Lazrag who denounced the rumor.Lazrag asserted that if this were true, he would be the first to know about it since the nature of his position requires that he should know all commodities in the popular market.CNN Arabic also interviewed another merchant in the same area. He is reported in the news website to point out that this is not the first time this rumor comes forth. He also mentioned that this could come out from the customers confusing the  mannequins used by the merchants to display clothes with sex dolls.The Moroccan authorities have sent units to Derb Omar area to investigate the rumor but have not reported any arrests as of now.

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