FAR Takes Disciplinary Action against Military Officials Involved in Illegal Activities

Rabat – The Inspector General of the Moroccan Armed Forces (FAR) has taken disciplinary action against military officials involved in illegal monetary activities, reported the Moroccan daily Al Massae on Monday.The disciplinary action came after FAR’s committee found several cases of embezzlement in army supply transactions occurring in a number of military units in southern Morocco, as well as suspected discrepancies in the ordering of food provisions by officials in the same area.FAR is expected to appoint new officials to replace those suspected, who may be transferred to other areas Al Massae added. These discrepancies in military provision transactions are a sensitive issue for the Moroccan military, and Bouchaib Arroub, the FAR Inspector General, has begun an inquiry in which action will be taken against any official who is found to not be abiding by the military’s regulations.

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