Donald Trump launches new military centre to protect Americas dominance in space

first_img Short URL Image: SIPA USA/PA Images By AFP Aug 30th 2019, 8:25 AM 9,973 Views Donald Trump speaks in the White House at the establishment of the US Space Command Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share5 Tweet Email1 center_img Friday 30 Aug 2019, 8:25 AM Donald Trump launches new military centre to protect ‘America’s dominance in space’ US military chiefs claim the move is necessary to defend the country’s ‘way of life’. US PRESIDENT DONALD Trump has launched a new Pentagon command centre which will be dedicated to warfare in space.The new command will elevate space – where satellites and high-altitude aircraft essential to modern-day warfare operate – to a focused area of combat.It will have equal status to the US Central Command governing the Middle East and the Pacific Command, which manages defence operations in the western Pacific Ocean and Asia.While the US Air Force already has a dedicated space warfare operation, SpaceCom will heighten its importance and foster specialised systems and training for space showdowns.“This is a landmark day, one that recognises the centrality of space to America’s security and defence,” Trump said in a White House ceremony.“SpaceCom will ensure that America’s dominance in space is never threatened.”American military chiefs see China and Russia pressing to erode the advantage held by the US in what’s seen as a new military frontier, and the US President warned of the consequences of such an outcome.“The dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we,” said Trump.“Our adversaries are weaponising earth’s orbits with new technology targeting American satellites that are critical to both battlefield operations and our way of life at home.”“Our freedom to operate in space is also essential to detecting and destroying any missile launched against the United States,” he added.Air Force General John Raymond, who will lead the new command, claimed that China and Russia were already pouring huge resources into space operations.The challenges range from adversaries jamming communications and GPS satellites to ground-launched missiles used to physically destroy satellites.“We are at a strategic inflection point where there is nothing that we do as a joint coalition force that isn’t enabled by space,” Raymond told reporters at the Pentagon.“I’m convinced that space is a war-fighting domain. I’m convinced that our way of life and our way of war depend on space capabilities,” he said.Last year, Trump ordered the Department of Defence to create a much larger Space Force, a dedicated branch of the military equal to the existing forces, the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.The ambitious and expensive move would require the approval of Congress, although some Pentagon chiefs, including former defence secretary James Mattis, opposed the idea as unnecessary and creating new bureaucracy.- © AFP 2019 Donald Trump speaks in the White House at the establishment of the US Space Command Image: SIPA USA/PA Images 26 Comments last_img read more

Les séances dUV bientôt taxées

first_imgLes séances d’UV bientôt taxées ?Parce que les cabines de bronzage sont reconnues cancérigènes depuis plusieurs années, l’association Sécurité solaire a demandé à ce qu’elles soient taxées au même titre que l’alcool ou le tabac.L’association Sécurité solaire est un centre collaborateur de l’OMS pour l’éducation solaire. Elle demande aujourd’hui à ce que les cabines à UV soient taxées, du fait que depuis 2009, elles ont été reconnues comme cancérigènes. Cette classification a été faite par l’agence cancer de l’OMS et le Centre international de recherche sur le cancer.À lire aussiUn ventre à bière cachait en fait une tumeur cancéreuse de trente-cinq kilosLa direction de l’association Sécurité solaire explique à l’AFP : “Aujourd’hui le tabac et l’alcool sont taxés au titre de leur dangerosité pour la santé. On envoie un contre-message à la population en ne taxant pas le bronzage en cabine. La réglementation en France est forte, mais ce n’est pas parce que c’est réglementaire que c’est sans danger”.Et d’ajouter pour appuyer ses propos : “Quand une personne commence à faire des UV avant l’âge de 30 ans, on sait que si elle fait un mélanome plus tard, il y a une probabilité de près de 50% pour que ce soit un cancer dû aux UV artificiels”. Aujourd’hui, l’association explique craindre pour la jeune population qui aime le bronzage en cabine. Elle demande également que, comme pour les cigarettes, le bronzage en cabine n’ait pas le droit à la publicité.Le 9 décembre 2010 à 19:07 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more