Science World pay a visit to the Peace Region

first_img“It is important if you want to go into science but also kids are naturally scientists. They are very curious and it isn’t a bad way to go though life, asking questions, making guesses and to explore things and say ‘I didn’t expect that to happen, why is that?’ and just be curious and I really want to instill that into the kids that we meet: if you have that way of thinking, science can be hard sometimes but if you have that then you will be fine. It doesn’t matter what area of science you go into or even if you don’t go into science at all, they are just really good tools and if we can get to kids at that young age where they are ready, passionate and curious about finding out about the world and if we can make that fun, hopefully we can show them that this is something they might want to do.”Kelly says that when they are given these chances to go into schools and show kids that science can be fun, it brings her great joy to see reactions. She also says they receive a lot of gratitude for doing what they do.“It is just so delightful to see. I also enjoy seeing the teachers reactions as well and I really love it when something happens that they don’t expect and they are absolutely surprised.There is just real gratitude. The goal of ‘On The Road’ is to reach communities that can’t come to the dome, that can’t come to Vancouver and visit Science World so we often try to go to the more remote communities.”Science World is scheduled to be in the Fort St. John area until March 4th. On March 4th at Northern Lights College, there will be a Community Science Celebration at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John. The event is free to attend and will run from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.Advertisement Todd says that anytime Science World or another group comes, she loves seeing the reaction from the kids and how excited they get.“They (the kids) are totally engaged and I think they love to see hands on and know that they can do some of these experiments and participate, which they love.”Science World also loves the chance to get to come up to rural communities like the north and show kids what science is all about.Kat Kelly, Science Facilitator with Science World in Vancouver and also part of the On The Road Team, says  it is important to introduce kids at a young age about science.Advertisement Science World members put on a science show in Fort St. John/Photo: Jessica FediganFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Students at Duncan Cran Elementary school in Fort St. John were treated to a show all about science this morning.Representatives from Science World and BC Hydro were on hand to educate children about safety as well as how science can be fun and engaging.- Advertisement -Many demonstrations took place with air, some fire and even a hover board and fascinated students as well as teachers in the audience.Vice Principal of Duncan Cran, Christine Todd, says that they love being able to engage the kids with educational learning.“I always love it when other groups come to the north because down south, more people have the opportunity to go to Science World so any chance that we get something like this coming up here, I always love it and I want the kids to have the opportunity to know that they can learn about science.”Advertisementlast_img read more