True Leadership

first_imgWith GDP growth rate continuing to plummet quarter after quarter, it is time for major surgery and not wait for the medicine to work. We are running out of time and the Indian growth story, spoken so eloquently and loudly will be history and will never become a reality. We have already lost substantial time chasing this and it is time to act before the demographic advantage which India currently has, will be lost forever. We, as a country are very young and the number of people joining the workforce is very high. This is our strength and we should capitalise on this before it becomes a liability and lead to a serious social problem.  With growing consumerism and aspirations of the younger lot, what is required is the creation of enough jobs (productive jobs and not the number of jobs).This requires a lot of political will and the political parties have to rise above the petty politics and unite to achieve this, otherwise people will lose faith in them. This is serious. Vote bank politics will destroy this golden opportunity. Every country in their journey to development pass through this phase and the country which capitalises on this becomes developed and others who miss this remain always laggards. Another 20-25 years is crucial for India.In every country’s history, there is always one generation who sacrifices for future generations. The time has come for this generation. We owe much to our children. We have become too selfish and very short-sighted.The thinking needs to change and “Nationalism” in true sense is required. The leaders have to rise to the occasion and lead us and our future generations to a better India, otherwise, future generations will never forgive them. That will be the true leader.last_img read more